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  1. I want to copy a bunch of data from my harddrives to a new hard drive. How ever this pattern has been going on for quite some time now and slows down the transfer speed by a lot. First it reads data, then starts to write to the new disk. Why isn't it reading and writing at the same time. At first I thought it had to do with parity, but I removed it from the array. It's moving from a Toshiba 3.5" 2TB drive to a Seagate 5TB 2.5" drive. When I precleared the drive it was constantly going between 110 and 140 MB/s I enabled reconstruct write for the parity, but that shouldn't have any effect when the parity is disbaled... Thanks in advance, I would love to hear a reason.
  2. I transcode everything which is not smaller than 5 GB and not HEVC to HEVC. Keeping all audio (auto passthrough) and subtitle tracks. The files I usually download are between 10 - 16 GB. It's transcoded using NVENC so files could definitely be smaller if I did it with CPU. The RF is set to 20 so files are usually around 7 GB after the transcode. Although sometimes they can be as large as 18 GB. After I noticed that it still is sometimes larger I changed it to have a separate output folder so I can move them manually. I let it go over night expecting everything to be finished. But it only did 6 movies over and over. The "done" tab said the movies in my output folder had been transcoded. Not the movies where the original source was. This is probably why it kept redoing the same movies. Now I changed the RF to 22, to get smaller file size in general. Lastly, you were talking about adding aac audio. Did you mean this can be done automatically? This would be really cool if this is also possible with subtitles, adding it into the source folder with a particular name (so it will know witch language it is) and add it back to the queue so I don't have to fire up handbrake on my PC Then I have one last thing, is it normal that the transcode is only using about 60% of the CPU and GPU. I have a 1050ti in my server, but it's on pcie 2.0 and only 8 lanes. So that's essentially only 4 lanes pcie 3.0. I think this shouldn't have that much of an impact and it's almost just as fast as my 1060 6gb and ryzen 1600x (The CPU's in my server score just a bit better in cinebench). Adding a second worker does slow it down so much that it's not beneficial.
  3. It didn't transcode like you said, I must have remembered it wrong from the movies library. Now there is something else. It just transcoded a movie which was just over 9.3 GB before hand and 10 GB after the transcode. It still replaced the movie, is that normal? I think it would be better to only replace/write the movies if the transcoded size is smaller than the original size, maybe even with a setting where you can set this to be at least 1 GB smaller for instance.
  4. I am running into a problem with my series library, this is the second library I added. I set a plugin for only transcoding files that are between 1-100gb. In this case I let it only scan for the rick and morty season 4 folder which contains the 2 episodes that have been released. Here is the plugin setup for series library and the files it has scanned. Both files are H264, but they shouldn't be included for the transcoding list because of the file size. For my movies library I set a minimum size of 5 gb. Here it does work. What could be the cause?
  5. That's what I thought I did, seems not to be the case. Shows that I should sleep earlier (it's half past 4 in the morning lol) However, it did not solve my problem, I still have the exact same log/error...
  6. I inserted my new 1050ti today but for some reason the hw transcoding doesn't work. For plex it does work I get this error: The transcoder does work with the exact same config but with h265 cpu encoding instead of nvenc. The settings for my tdarr container is attached to this post.
  7. I bought it for 60 Euro's from a buddy at work, but he didn't know which card he has. Unfortunately he didn't have pictures but I am pretty sure he has a MSI 1050ti gaming (x) because he bought it at work and my boss is a huge fan from MSI. I will have to wait untill saturday and see which one he has. And if it doesn't work in my server I can flip it and buy a less powerful version. Will do that!
  8. This is something I was actually looking for! Thanks so much Just bought a 1050ti which will arrive this week. Hope I can actually can get it running because it needs the 6-pin power connector but my server doesn't support that lol. Anyways it's working like a charm on my CPU's for now. Hope I can learn some ffmpeg in the future (is it more efficient?) for now I will stick with handbrake presets. Very clean UI although, sometimes I have to look around for a bit. (For me it wasn't clear I had to add different plug-ins for codec, size and handbrake preset so it still added all movies to encoding cue). I think it took me about half an hour to set up everything up. Again thanks a lot for the hard work!
  9. Could you maybe explain why this is the problem. (yes it got solved by using firefox!) I can use terminal and VMs perfectly outside the house and when I connect to the external IP. It really blows my mind... ~ Controlol
  10. I managed to solve this by changing the network adapter, I wrote e1000 but instead it should have been e1000-82545em. BTW I am on unraid 6.6.7 I hope you don't give up like me until you find out you tried to use the e1000 adapter for a windows VM and dig a little deeper until you find the solution😜
  11. I have been trying to get a xpenology vm up and running on my unraid to use it to automatically sync pictures from the phones of my family. I got the machine running after a little while but I can't get it to turn up on the router or using synology assistant. I've already read the thread about changing the network adapter type to e1000 but this also doesn't work. I have a HP Proliant Dl360 G6 with 4 NICs but I can't seperate them. The server has 32 GB RAM installed and 2 times Xeon E5540. I changed the mac address of the virutal machine to be the same as the grub.cfg file. I created the virtual machine with the linux template changing the name, processors, ram amount. The first disk is a image from xpenology, the second disk is just a empty virtual disk. In the xml I changed nic type to e1000. Yet I still can't connect to the synology interface. You can find all the files I used following this link, https://lucappelman.stackstorage.com/s/pzLg35TndXpNYm9. This includes the grub.cfg, xml config of my virtual machine, picture of my NICs from system devices and the .img to start xpenology. Hope someone finds my mistake :)