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  1. Could you maybe explain why this is the problem. (yes it got solved by using firefox!) I can use terminal and VMs perfectly outside the house and when I connect to the external IP. It really blows my mind... ~ Controlol
  2. I managed to solve this by changing the network adapter, I wrote e1000 but instead it should have been e1000-82545em. BTW I am on unraid 6.6.7 I hope you don't give up like me until you find out you tried to use the e1000 adapter for a windows VM and dig a little deeper until you find the solution😜
  3. I have been trying to get a xpenology vm up and running on my unraid to use it to automatically sync pictures from the phones of my family. I got the machine running after a little while but I can't get it to turn up on the router or using synology assistant. I've already read the thread about changing the network adapter type to e1000 but this also doesn't work. I have a HP Proliant Dl360 G6 with 4 NICs but I can't seperate them. The server has 32 GB RAM installed and 2 times Xeon E5540. I changed the mac address of the virutal machine to be the same as the grub.cfg file. I created the virtual machine with the linux template changing the name, processors, ram amount. The first disk is a image from xpenology, the second disk is just a empty virtual disk. In the xml I changed nic type to e1000. Yet I still can't connect to the synology interface. You can find all the files I used following this link, https://lucappelman.stackstorage.com/s/pzLg35TndXpNYm9. This includes the grub.cfg, xml config of my virtual machine, picture of my NICs from system devices and the .img to start xpenology. Hope someone finds my mistake :)