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    HP ML350P, 32GB ECC, 14TB of WD Enterprise Drives.
  1. The other thing that makes it hard besides no feedback is that it seems that this issue happens at random. In my case, it could be hours, could be days, maybe even a few weeks. It's hard to grab logs/diags when it happens, cause you never know when it will.
  2. Would rather have an actual software fix honestly. Just paid for textbooks so I don't exactly have cash for my server addiction. 😂
  3. I'm at the point where Plex can't even make a database backup before it corrupts again. Anyone at Limetech have an update, or even a rabbit hole we can run down to help resolve this issue?
  4. 32GB ECC. Overkill, but it's what the box came with. I usually use around 40% of it with Plex transcoding and a bunch of dockers.
  5. Next time I can, I will for sure. Went ahead and added it to a user script. Can't hurt it if the variable is already checked. This is why I love this community. Thanks!
  6. That single command bumped it up to 70MB/s. Much thanks. Any way to make it persist through a reboot?
  7. Hey all. I have an HP ML350p Gen 8 running Unraid 6.6.7. One thing I haven't gotten around to in the couple of months this system has been around is setting up parity. Right now, it's estimating 10 days for the initial parity sync at 4.5 MB/s. Read checks have passed at 97 MB/s in the past. I'm just trying to figure out why parity is grinding to a halt while everything else is performing flawlessly. Diagnostics attached. defiant-tower-diagnostics-20190413-1959.zip