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  1. My plex docker is not connecting when i try and connect to the webgui, log isnt showing any errors that i can see. If there is something else i could be looking for to see if i can fix it let me know please 😃
  2. Just getting into the swing of things with Unraid and loving it so far!
  3. i compltely reverted to stock to see if that changed it the only issue is ssaying that my cpu isnt supported on logs (Ryzen 7 1700x)
  4. no change common problems plug in advised me to download mcelog from the nerdpack and run diagnostics and post them on here
  5. Just disabled c states in bios lets see if that fixes it
  6. aphrodite-diagnostics-20190815-1544.zip syslog
  7. So i had the syslog file written to the usb and it shows consistently root: error: /gcsp/2.0: missing csrf_token I can post the syslog if that be helpful
  8. Hello, totally new to this type of thing so sorry if i am not doing it right, I build a dedicated unraid server that I had intended to run headless mainly for use as a media server. (Ryzen 1700X as my platform) However what seems like 2-3 times a day the server will drop out of the network randomly and not even show up in router page even though its hardlined. Even the gui on a monitor plugged into the server is unresponsive. I have downloaded and run Fix Common Problems app but it comes back with nothing. And every time I check the logs after the reboot its cleared of the previous sessions information. If there is a way to load up the old logs or anything like that I would be very grateful really want this server to become stable!