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  1. I just got an alert that my syslog is currently 91 % used. I plan to restart the server to temporarily solve this problem, but would like to identify the root cause and address that. The syslog is filled up with countless messages: If anyone can help out, that would greatly appreciated! Details on my server Uptime: 18 days Registration: Unraid OS Plus Unraid Version: 6.8.3 Hardware: INTEL GA-7TESM, 2x Xeon X5680, 8x 4GB PC3-10600R, 480GB Silicon Power SSD, 4x 8TB WD White Label, 3x 4TB WD Blue Label
  2. The line in the script that checks for the disks is: ls -dv /mnt/disk* The cache drive is located at /mnt/cache/ so files on it will not be affected. They'll be moved onto the main array with no issue.
  3. I occasionally use Sonarr or Radarr to upgrade existing media. If I ran this for my Media shares, would this prevent those containers from upgrading (deleting + replacing) the files? Any suggestion for how to work around that? Additionally, I have a ton of personal data that I'm still organizing. Would I be able to still move the files around within a share? If not, then I'll probably create an inclusion/exclusion folder for organized files. Lastly, have you tested this with Borg + RClone? Was thinking of getting that setup (using ds-unraid's script) for local and remot
  4. New image resolved the issue! for me. Thanks!
  5. Seeing the same issue as everyone else. This solution did not solve the problem.