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  1. Anyone know what this error pertains to or how to fix? It doesn't break anything that I can see, it's just annoying!
  2. Giving it a static on the LAN didn't work. I had a proxy network which was setup when trying out some of the SpaceInvader One tutorials, and using that and setting a static works fine. Don't really understand the underlying network topology, but it works!
  3. I run a proxy docker for IPTV. It is in bridge mode, and the Unraid IP ( is hard coded into a JSON file within the config. How can I prevent this IP from changing, as it has changed a couple of times now.. My understanding is if I use BR0, then that will require an IP address in the 192.168.0.x range? Cheers!
  4. Never mind, I can answer my own question. sabyenc is indeed installed 🙂
  5. I'm trying to max my speeds on my gigabit internet connection. I've been looking at the high speed downloading link :- The first thing it says it to check sabyenc is installed - is it installed with this docker?
  6. Make sure debug logging is not on - for some reason it was on my docker and I did not set it. (Settings, General)
  7. My Unraid server is using circa 20% CPU when idle (array is all spun down) Seems to be Plex - any idea how to fix this? EDIT: looking at logs I realised that Debug was on. Switched it off and restarted the docker. CPU is now 1-2% - will see how it goes.
  8. I just used the unbalance plugin and the Gather option. Worked ok, but was a bit time consuming!
  9. I didn't understand split levels and so on (well didn't even realise they were something to consider!) and now have movie files split across disks. I have created 2 new shares, Movies, and TV and have them set to split at top level and top 2 levels respectively. How can I now get the movies from my Media/Movies to my new Movies share so that they are not split across disks? Is it even possible? And the same question for TV Series I guess!
  10. Can I just add this command to the Go file? I already have a command in there to disable ACPI power meter to fix the log getting spammed with error messages.
  11. Just in case anyone else comes across this post, the solution in the link below fixed it and I have a readable log file now 🙂
  12. it doesn't copy - any idea what the issue may be? I tried copying from terminal and it looks like it has completed ok, but there is nothing present in /etc/sensors.d EDIT: never mind. It is there! Don't think it has fixed the issue though 😞
  13. I've only just started to use Unraid, and I have a few issues! How do I permanently turn on write caching for my drives? It turns off after a reboot. Also, I'm trying to follow this :- Please try this: Create a file on your usb flash in the config directory called "sensor-quirk" (or whatever you want to name it), with those two lines in it. Next, copy the file into the /etc/sensors.d directory and verify that it also works to do this. If this is the case, then add this to your 'go' file: cp /boot/config/sensor-quirk /etc/sensors.d I don't think we
  14. Howdy! Very new to Unraid, and in particular dockers! Is there a way to get the beta version of PMS using this docker? I presume i can't just change the version from within Plex from public to beta and update there - I am assuming that any updates need to be done from Unraid, and not within the app itself? Thanks!
  15. I've ordered a HBA, and a new Sandisk Cruzer Fit. Just to confirm, I can run Unraid without any parity? And can I then presumably add parity later if I wanted to? Cheers 🙂