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  1. anyone managed to get this to work with mega.nz ? Every time i try, i get this 38302.05.2020 13:59:40INFOCRYPTER XFileSharingFolder[24]: MegaNz | Looking for direct link... 38402.05.2020 13:59:41INFOCRYPTER XFileSharingFolder[24]: MegaNz | Direct link not found 38502.05.2020 13:59:41INFOCRYPTER XFileSharingFolder[24]: MegaNz | Checking for link errors... 38602.05.2020 13:59:41INFOCRYPTER XFileSharingFolder[24]: MegaNz | No errors found 38702.05.2020 13:59:41INFOCRYPTER XFileSharingFolder[24]: MegaNz | Decrypting as free link... 38802.05.2020 13:59:41ERRORDecrypting failed: O1kCwAzb | Parse error: Free decrypted link not found | Plugin may be out of date 38902.05.2020 13:59:56INFOAdded package 1111 containing 1 links
  2. oh all of that sounds probably far more complex than it likely is. Im not adverse to linux, but ive never really understood the docker concept beyond enabling and using the CA plugin to bring them down. But i'll certainly have a play as i think this project has good traction and is deployable and beneficial for lots of media center users. I'll look to the user Script plugin too. I'm currently running the script under a local ubuntu vm but it does seem overkill for something so small. What would be a good is using unraids interface to add the settings.ini per item for the user. One question that always confuses me, is how do i give it access to local files outside of the docker. Obviously all my media files are stored through unraid on various disks within the array. And thanks so much for all the effort put in to trying to explain it to me. Im a quick learning but docker just seems alien to me currently.
  3. Ok so i use the following script at https://github.com/airship-david/Trailer-Downloader I would love to dockerise this, that runs at set intervals (cron maybe), has access to my movies folder in unraid and auto updates daily with the latest git hub release as and when. The issue i have is i have 0 clue on docker, and the more i read, the more confused i get. Can anyone convert and dockerise this for me or at least give me some pointers on how best to achieve it. The download_all script should run through my movie library at set time periods, picking up any new trailers configured in the settings.ini file (that would be cool to be editable via the unraid user interface). Much appreciated
  4. That's just the share, sonarr only accesses the TV share
  5. I manually add the files from the download folder through the wanted tab of sonarr so thats appdata/binhex-qbittorrentvpn/Downloads I click the wanted tab/manual import and then sonarr renames the files and copies to the array. the TV share is only shared with sonarr and is set up as follows Now On existing seasons it works perfectly, putting where they should be, either on disk 2 or disk 3 (mostly, sometimes ive noticed a mistake and ive had to manually copy them over to the other disk). However if its a new season, or indeed new TV programme, it almost always creates that on the disk 1 of my array that doesn't even have a TV folder yet alone share. Path mappings for sonarr
  6. well that didnt work. Still created a TV directory on disk1
  7. And you mean, only split the top level directory as required ?
  8. I've tried all that. It still doesnt perform as it should ? Could there be another underlying reason ?
  9. Ok this is highly likely user error but i'm having a great deal of trouble with my shares. I have a TV share that spans 2 disks, with the directory structure as follows TV ----TV PROGRAMME (2020) ------SEASON 01 -------TV EPISODE S01E01.mkv Now i use sonarr to keep these things organised, and pointed sonnar to the TV shares directory. If say TV PROGRAMME 1 is on disk 2, i'd like to keep that together, not split over the two disks. TV PROGRAMME 3 on disk 3, remains on disk 3 etc etc. Try as i might, sometimes this just doesnt work as expected. So some files of Season 02 for instance could end up on disk 1 (even though there is no TV share on that disk and its been excluded from the share, creating the TV folder) or a tv series that should be on disk 2 can sometimes span disk 3. Oh and there is over 1.5TB space on all drives. I've tried different levels of the split level to try and resolve this, rebooted several times etc etc. Even deleted the share and create a new one by copying TV to TV1 on both disks. What am i doing wrong ? Any help at all would be appreciated.
  10. I currently have this downloading to /config/qBittorrent/downloads/Movies/ which is a subdirectory under the appdata/binhex-qbittorentvpn/ directory of my cache drive. Currently my cache drive however is only 120g and obviously has my dockers etc installed on there alongside my VPM. So 2 questions 1. Can i map the downloads out of the docker and onto disk 1 of the array ? /mnt/Disk1/Downloads ? 2. What are the performance issues relating to doing this on point 1 ? 3. How do i map point 1 ? Any help appreciated, sorry extremely new to dockers
  11. Ok strange one guys. Been running unraid trial for a month and everything running as it should until i paid for the 10 drive licence. This had me reboot for the first time and now my media directory is no more. Having shares for TV, Movies etc and mapping those to the media directory is causing issues with both sonarr and radarr. I've looked into the route directory and the only one there now is mnt. Under that directory is a user0 directory and under that is the TV, Movie directory shares, but these were also mapped at one time to /media. Plex however still works using that mapping even though that directory and shares definitely doesn't exist on the unraid file system. Radarr and Sonarr can no longer see the files, obviously, and although i could remap to the /mnt/user0/Movies directory etc that would take a lot of work. Anyone any ideas why this is suddenly happening ? Any help appreciated
  12. Is there anyway i can use copy and paste to a VM from another machine ? I think i've tried most clients now and it just doesnt copy and paste to / from my ubuntu VM from my windows 10 host.
  13. update: i decided it was too much hassle running that way and ended up mounting my shares via Nfs
  14. sorry to drag this topic up again. I succesfully followed the steps outlined in this post for my ubuntu 16.04 VM and it works like a charm. Well when i say works, i can successfully mount the unraid shares and read them. However i cant seem to get any of my scripts to write to shares ? Any ideas ?