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  1. I'm having trouble with certificates, visiting my site normally the browser will tell me that the certificate is valid. I've tested with both letsencrypt and with a bought certificate. But when I try to verify it, it will respond with the NPM dummy certificate, and not the proper one. Why is this? Tested with: echo | openssl s_client -connect subdomain.domain.com:443 curl https://subdomain.domain.com Sometimes curl does not give the error for being a self signed certificate, but openssl still retrieves the dummy one.
  2. I've made sure everything has moved, and changed docker settings. But i fail to see how this would have caused the database corruption.
  3. What does that mean? The cache disk was added yesterday, I've had two corruptions before that, without cache. Docker configs are as I said nothing special, from the default they only have a share volume added for the media.
  4. I've got a Primergy TX100 s3, 10tb parity disk and a 10tb data disk, and last night i added a 500gb cache disk. I've done no special config for the dockers, only linked them to a media share, else everything default. First corruption was sometime during the night after first run on linuxserver image, second one was also on same image, but i turned off automatic update when adding media, still corrupted database image. Third time i moved to plexinc image and it was online for almost 2 days, but resulting in corruption a few hours ago. Trying to fix the corruption by tips given by plexinc doesn't solve anything, and causes the docker not to be able to run at all. After first corruption i saved plex logs via tautulli and they are filled with lines such as this, other corruptions have had other statements and lines: tower-diagnostics-20190519-1139.zip
  5. I'm having some serious problems with running plex in the Unraid environment, I've tried both this linuxserver, and the plexinc images, both always end up with a corrupt database. How are you supposed to run this to be able to use your PMS? I've run it for many many years on my server but found Unraid recently and thought I'd give it a go, but it seems pretty useless if this is going to be happen all the time (not to mention that it goes to 103% cpu usage all the time making everything unusable...)