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  1. Hi everyone! I have a gaming vm using a Radeon RX 570. (ASUS ROG Strix, 4GB) Randomly, during gaming (mostly GTAV), the gpu just disconnects from the vm. Most of the time, the whole vm just crashes but this time, it didn't and I was able to catch using VNC that the gpu is no longer listed in Task Manager and in Device Manager, it says that Windows turned off the device because it was faulty or something. (error 43) I have tried messing with the driver. (reinstall) I also tried messing with Hyper-V. Found some solution codes on forums which I added but still crashes sometimes. Is there any way to tell Windows not to turn off a fundamental device during gaming? I usually leave the vm turned on, so I don't need to go to the admin site and turn it on. During idling, the vm could run for days, or even weeks without any problem. Mostly under GTAV, it just crashes (under NFSU2 or NFS Hot Pursuit or BeamNG Drive, it's fine). (I could throw it out of the window during a heist...) Thank you in advance for any help! Getting really annoyed. :(( EDIT: I'm testing it without attaching the sound part of the gpu.
  2. Solved by changing the USB controller. Sometimes freezed at booting but now, it's working.
  3. Hi everyone! I have an issue with passing through my USB keyboard/mouse combo to a VM which is using the 2nd PCIe slot as GPU. My server has an i5-8400, so I have iGPU, have an RX 570 in slot 1, works perfectly and I have a FirePro V3900 in slot 2. The VM boots perfectly, it even installed the graphics driver (I'm trying a Windows 8.1 vm) but the USB Keyboard is not working. Tried other wireless Logitech combo, still not working. I even tried using a Linux VM. No luck. I can't passthrough the whole controller because the entire board has only 1 which is using the unRAID USB as well. The board is an Asrock H370 Pro4. How can I solve this issue? Thank you in advance for your help!
  4. Hi! I'm looking for a new card to replace mx HD7770. I have found an RX 570 (ASUS ROG Strix 4GB) which has a nice price tag. I have heard that RX cards have issues with GPU passthrough. Freezes, restart issues. Are they still exist or can I go for the RX card? Thank you in advance!
  5. Update 2.0: I had to enable CSM support. I set everything (PCI ROM, LAN X...something, Storage control) to legacy only. Now, it boots only to the iGPU and I can pass through the AMD! It worked, thank you very much! [emoji1374] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Update: My motherboard doesn’t show me any option to boot in non-UEFI mode. I recreated the USB without UEFI but now, it doesn’t even boot. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Hi everyone! I recently got my new server which has an i5-8400 on an Asrock H370 Pro4. The CPU has an integrated GPU. In the BIOS, there is an option to set the Primary Output. I set it to Onboard. Good. Let's boot unRAID with monitors connected to iGPU and to my Radeon GPU. It posts to both monitors, shows the blue boot manager to both monitors but boots and shows the terminal on the Radeon screen and freezes on the iGPU screen. That is not good... I went back to the BIOS and I found an option which enables the integrated graphics even if there is a dedicated GPU installed. It's called IGPU Multi-Monitor. Good, that is what I need. Still not working... Doing the same thing. Now, if I unplug the dGPU and leave the Intel connected to a monitor, it boots perfectly. GPU Passthrough work like a charm. The only problem is that I would like to use remote gaming on that Windows VM and I need a monitor connected to the AMD because the resolution is only 1600x1200 in headless mode. So I ordered an HDMI Dummy Plug and I think, it will cause the same issue. Is there any way to tell unRAID to totally ignore the Radeon card on boot and force it to use the Integrated GPU for terminal even if the dummy plug is installed on the Radeon card? Should I follow a guide which shows me how to passthrough the primary GPU? As I read, it disables something. The dGPU is a Radeon HD7770. Everything has the latest firmware. Even the motherboard but I could reinstall it if needed. Thank you very much in advance for your help! 🙏
  8. Hi everyone! I'm looking for a newer build to replace my s775 server. In the future, I would like to run "Gaming" VM for very light remote gaming using Parsec. My current gaming pc has an i3-3220 and its performance is nearly enough for me. Now, I would like to understand that how can I calculate the performance of the assigned "CPU" of that VM? Is there any function for that? For example, will an i5-8400's 2 thread performance match the i3-3220's full, 2c/4t performance or outperform that? I'm trying to calculate with Passmark's single thread performance score. Like a newer Xeon's 2-4 thread's performance vs a full 4 core old X5450? If it matters, beside the Windows VM, I'm going to run an Ubuntu VM for mainly a small web server. (Little power is enough for it. Currently running on 2 threads of the X5450 Xeon. Perfect👌🏼) + 5-7 dockers which contain Plex as well. (usually 720p internal stream, barely need to transcode 1080p) Thank you in advance for your help! I hope, it's understandable. (Sorry for my grammar mistakes, English is not my native language.)
  9. It is set to automatically split any directory as required. Now, I'm talking about the appdata folder where my Movies are. My torrent downloader sees the extended capacity but on the dashboard, I see that it writes everything on the older drives. I'm very new to unRAID, I will understand it in the near future. I will test everything.
  10. I recently added another drive to my array. I set my share up by selecting the included and excluded drives. I added the new drive to a few shares and I see everywhere that the capacity is more but I would like to know when will the system write to the new HDD? I will fill up the existing drives and then it will start to fill up the new drive?
  11. It's working, thank you very much! Now I have problems within Deluge. I would like to use it with a client from my Mac, so I have to add a user to auth file in deluge's configs but if I add one, the docker will start but will not load its page but it doesn't belong to here. Thank you again!
  12. Hi! I recently replaced my Ubuntu with unRAID and I would like to use Deluge to download movies directly to their folders but I don't really know the way to do it. I changed the download folder in deluge but it doesn't start downloading it and in the bottom right corner next to the disk icon, it says: Error What else should I change to be able to download Movies/Shows directly to their folders on /mnt/disk1? I have shares as well where the users can read/write. I tried Public and Secure as well but nothing Thank you in advance for your help!
  13. Hi again! I decided not to go for old hardware, I'm going to buy brand new ones, especially an i3-8100 on an ASRock B360M Pro4 board with 8GB of DDR4 RAM (for now) I would like to run a Windows for light gaming and macOS for Xcode. 2-2 cores for both VMs. The board has 2 PCIe slots, so I can pass through 2 GPUs to the VMs. Both parts do support VT-x and VT-d. How well will this i3 perform in a VM compared to a pure Windows system on a C2Q Q9400? Another question: If the motherboard has a Wi-Fi slot, can I pass it to Windows and leave the integrated one to macOS or reversed?
  14. I'm planning to buy this motherboard with a Xeon X5650 and a big cooler. As I know, both the MB and CPU support VT-x and VT-d but I have heard about issues with this motherboard and IOMMU tables. I would like to pass 3 GPUs or at least 2 to a Windows VM and a macOS VM. I can get the whole system for 110 bucks and the CPU has 6 cores and 12 threads, so sounds cool. The MB has 4 PCIe slots as 6 DDR3 RAM slots, so it can be a good choice, isn't it? I know, it's old but enough for me. Or should I invest in a brand new hardware or newer hardware for 2x more?
  15. I'm planning to dive into Virtualization. My current system can't pass through a GPU to VM because it has only 1 GPU. (it's an lga775 system) I'm going to get parts for a dedicated VM-Server with GPU passthrough but I can't decide that the parts I have chosen are enough. So I'm going to get an i5-2400 or a 3470 CPU with 8GB of RAM. I already have GPUs. For the motherboard, I'm looking for a model which has at least 2 PCIe slots and supports VT-x and VT-d. Is there anything else I should look for? I was told that the FX-8350 is getting pretty cheap and it has 8 cores but as I know, it can cook itself as it needs more than 120W. For VMs, I will try to use unRAID as host OS, Windows 10 for very light gaming (Assetto Corsa, often GTAV) and Ubuntu for mail-server or I will try to run macOS. I won't run 3 VMs at the same time but I think, I will run 2. On macOS, I will do everyday tasks and little Xcode programming, so nothing very heavy. Will an i5-2400 be enough for at least 2 VMs? I don't want to go higher than 40 bucks for CPU.