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  1. I am looking to use Mariadb for Zabbix as recommended however I am not understanding how to set up the database to use UTF8 upon creating the docker container. I read somewhere that you can put mariadb:tag --character-set-server=utf8mb4 --collation-server=utf8mb4_unicode_ci in the extra parameters but that caused the load to fail. Any suggestions?
  2. Thanks for the reply, I have been trying to manually create a network using the below commands with parent being the network adapter of the secondary interface and opt being the ip address I want the port mapping to be made with however in the gui it still shows the main IP and it seems that no networking is happening. docker network create \ -o parent=br5 \ --driver bridge \ --opt \ gaming-bridge
  3. I have a docker image where when I run it with a custom network it automatically sets the port mapping. Is there a way to disable this behavior so that I can define which ports to map? I need to have 2 docker images with the same IP address but with different ports.
  4. If setup the network adapters under settings->network you have to take the ports out of the default bridge and put them into their own. Then in docker you will be ale to setup your images to use that adapter. They will have their own IP address so you don't have to worry about port mapping. As long as you are using gigabit Ethernet one port should be more than enough to run the dockers you listed.
  5. This depends on how you configured docker, if you bridged the connection then you would statically assign the docker image its own IP. If you are simply 'nat'ing the connection then you would put the ip address of your Unraid server in the docker field since Unraid will pass along the traffic to the docker on the given ports. You can keep the router from giving out a duplicate IP address either by reservations or by giving the docker image an IP address outside the usable range of your DHCP allocation. I usually start DHCP at 100-200 so I can statically assign addresses 2-99 to my
  6. I do have a similar issue where the cache doesn't seem to have all the IPs of all the CDNs that the game managers use. LANCache's docker seems to have a image that keeps track of all that and all they would have to do is update the image and we all get it and other images could use the same service. They also have a monolithic version which is supposed to be the primary image going forward. The unraid docker image sounds like it will be going that way as well but the author was moving a few months back and sounds like he has not had time to work on it. There is a way to install the monoli
  7. For the steamcache container, I have noticed going through the dockerhubs of the containing images and SteamCache-DNS says its only maintained for legacy purposes and then points to LANCacheNet's Docker image. Any chance for an update with the suggested docker image? https://hub.docker.com/r/steamcache/steamcache-dns/
  8. I am trying to run a steamcache docker and to help speed things up they suggest adding multiple IP address to the container so it can request more connections. At least that is what I read. https://github.com/lancachenet/monolithic
  9. Is there a way to give a docker image multiple IP addresses?
  10. I appreciate the honesty. From my experience from other builds and projects it can be very CPU and RAM intensive, however it is usually the storage that is the bottleneck.
  11. I was referring to memory usage. Something that I learned about caching was it was able to use RAM to speed up file transfers of commonly requested games. I have been trying to update WoW classic but I see that memory usage and CPU usage is pretty stagnant. Checking out the log I do see some hits but there is mostly misses. / - - - [27/Aug/2019:17:04:17 -0800] "GET /tpr/wow/data/e0/3d/e03da8 b0b6e7f60bf3b860cbf00b373d HTTP/1.1" 206 266240 "-" "-" "HIT" "level3.blizzard.c om" "bytes
  12. I was wondering about the SteamCacheBundle memory usage. Mine is less than 100MB even though I am running a LAN center. Is this normal? I set it to allow up to 128GB.
  13. I think I understood what you were saying. I deleted the container and went back to the apps page and was able to re-download the docker image and it seems to have worked where I can play the game again though save game is still gone (no biggie). How do the updates work for the template so I know I have the latest version? Also I think you are doing good work on this project.
  14. Yeah, the deleted saved game is on me I should know better but you know. Do as I say not as I do.
  15. No biggie on the save game, it happens and gives a chance to make things better. I will do a better job of backing up. I installed the docker earlier this month and the new update for the game came out yesterday it seems. I created a new container based off the template and changed the install path so it would re-download the game and it still had the same issue. I will go look for the page 4 thread.