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  1. Absolutely. That is the way we are doing it currently. However it would be a lot more convenient to have a solution doing this automatically as we have users that are not very familiar with ssh and manually setting paths to vdisks and thus creating broken VMs.
  2. I would add the option to clone VMs easily as I am using VMs as a test environment. I have a master VM that servers as a template. Clones are created for one test only and desposed afterwards. Currently I am using the BTRFS functionality to clone the discs and then set up a "new" VM using the cloned discs instead of newly created ones. Would be very nice to have this as some kind of dialog to autmatically clone a VM (see VirtualBoxes approch of a linked clone - works like a charm for me). Cheers Max
  3. Well I am afraid I have to contradict. We are using unRaid's hypervisor funtions to run multiple VMs as testrigs. Unfortunately some software we are using requires hardware licenses (usb dongles , WIBU CodeMeter-Stick). Obviously we are not able to purchase alternatives. The only option left for us is using the address to assign these dongles individually which comes with the flaws mentioned before. However each dongle offers an individual identification in the form of WIBU_-_CodeMeter-Stick_00000******* (the stars represent individual numbers for each dongle). This name shows in the Main
  4. +1 (yes please!) We are currently testing unRAID as a testrig for our projects. We have been using virtual machines with VMware Player or virtualbox. Cloning virtual machines from a fully set up base VM to one-time-use machines has been very helpful to keep VMs nice and clean. As our tests sometimes rely on additinal hardware (special PCI based interface cards), the VMs were not able to do the trick because we could not use those cards and had to go back to bare metal which has the downside of beeing everybodies testrig. unRAID helps us having the best of both worlds but we are m