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  1. I went ahead and tried this. Didnt seem to work. I also tried other programs that use multicast that I has on my network and they seem to work just fine on my unraid machine. I think there might be something missing in this. To answer your question on why I would need this is quite simple. I have a household that just want to install and connect without bothering me while I work. Plus, It helps to understand how docker works. Any other advice I could use and test?
  2. When using br0, The client still is unable to see the Minecraft instance. I am not sure if there is something in AMP that I need to configure as nothing shows such function. When running on br0, I am able to connect to multiple ports manually but no server's will not show up when the client scans the network. Could this be a AMP limitation?
  3. I ran Mine-OS in a docker container before and it seemed to work. Not comparing the two. This container is way better. I'm just a bit confused on what @MitchTalmadge is trying to explain. is there a way I can check to see if it is open? Below are the two port bindings I see. I primarily Use the Br0 since it allows me to have multiple minecraft servers run with ports 25565-25570 at the same time and be able to connect manually.
  4. You are right. That's what I thought. It doesn't show up for any of my computers. The firewalls are disabled and nothing is showing. Is there anything I can try to change this?
  5. Good Afternoon, I recently added this to docker collection. I mainly use it for Minecraft with my roomates. The issue that I am requesting assistance on is having the instances broadcast the world to the network. Is this a feature only on Mine-OS or can it be done in AMP as well?
  6. I want to change the port the GUI resides on. It is stuck on eth0 but i want to change it to eth1.
  7. @Frank1940 That's the only reason i bought the card was for the dockers. Since they share the same port, my minecraft server fails when I start transferring files to the shares that I have. And the network speed is slowed since all the dockers and sharing goes through one NIC. Also i tried to delete the post and I'm unsure how to flag the post for deletion.
  8. I just bought a quad port gigabit card to put into unraid to separate the services I run such as steam cache, network share, and a minecraft server with diferent interfaces. The issues is that the docker containers don't allow me to select the network port I want for that service. Is there even a way to do this?
  9. @Frank1940 I figured it out yesterday after the post. It works now since I enabled SMB 1.0 and changed group policy. The only issue I am having now is my "SteamcacheBundle" was working perfectly and caching all my games but now i get a MISS every game I download. Do you know what could be happening?
  10. I am new to unraid and have been looking in the forums for help on being able to discover my folders on the network. Currently I have Version: 6.7.0. I have enabled SMB on unraid and my network discovery is set to public and the Group is in WORKGROUP. Any ideas on what I am doing wrong?