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  1. It seems the only way to access the remote feature is through the unraid forums my servers page....thus if you 2FA your unraid forums account you will effectively 2FA the remote access feature.
  2. So everything seems to work well! now i have a stupid question....what’s the best way to get access to the system other than browsing to the forums, going to our profile and clicking the link? i mean i guess i could bookmark the profile page....but a simple app would be pretty sweet lol
  3. I looked back a few pages but did not see this referenced - probably a simple answer... i am trying to switch from the official Plex docker to the linuxserver one. I mapped the directory to my old appdata and i see all my media and everything looks good. The issue i am having though is when i add new media it does not seem be getting picked up. I look in my media/tv folder and the new media is exactly where it should be, but it’s not being seen by Plex - so all my previous media is seen, but nothing new. I stopped the Linuxserver version and started back up the official Plex version and it immediately sees and imports the new media. I would say it’s a path issue, but it’s seeing all the other media - like it sees episodes 1-3 of said show, but doesn’t see episode 4, which was just added and placed right in the same folder as 1-3.