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  1. tknx's post in Cannot stop array - Need help! was marked as the answer   
    OK, diagnosed it. Posting for posterity:
    lsof | grep /mnt/user
    Got a random bash process:
    bash 21148 root cwd DIR 0,56 4096 648799827764686976 /mnt/user/media/anime-movies  
    kill -9 21148
    it shut down. No idea what process that was... maybe an open session somewhere.
  2. tknx's post in HELP - My Unraid server cannot connect to the outside world was marked as the answer   
    Solved it sort of - it was Wireguard.
    I think when I added to allowed peers, it created problems. I need to experiment more with it since i want VPN clients to be able to access both my VLANs
  3. tknx's post in Replaced my flash drive and my networking is a total mess was marked as the answer   
    Replacing the docker image fixed the network issues.