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  1. No UI elements were working, couldn't figure out what was going on and had to do an unclean shutdown. Rebooted the system at 11:05am PT Anyone able to tell why from the attached diagnostics?
  2. So how do I get back to a default network config?
  3. OK - I have no idea where the virbr network comes from. In all transparency, besides eth0, eth0.20, and wg, I have no idea what the rest of these are or what they do. This image worked fine until I stopped bridging my SFP+ ethernet with the not plugged in onboard ethernet. So do I have to modify each and every VM i installed and that was working? Why? My table looks like this:
  4. I have several VMs and since I switched off of bridge to a single ethernet connection, they just don't seem to want to get an IP. Before I switch back to the bridge setting, I want to make sure I understand what is going on. Attached logs and some screenshots of one of them.
  5. I updated the OS manually because the update would fail through the UI - but I think those were the same issues. I think I'll use this opportunity to recreate my dockers on xfs and hope that is it. I noticed that docker is not using the right runtime for one of the errors. I think I fixed the br0.20 errors which happened from when I switched over to my SFP+ card. I'll see if I can catch a video of it happening again.
  6. Here they are! Also just noticed that half my dockers say no container after reboot. I feel like my system is just falling apart!
  7. I was having a weird issue before which I thought I had managed to fix, but apparently not. I manually upgraded my system to 6.10.3 and now the UI crashes and other functions don't work correctly. Even to get diagnostics to download, I have to do an unclean reboot since the reboot crashes. I have no idea what is wrong. Diagnostics are attached.
  8. After attempting the update, I went back to download diagnostics and back to post 1. So definitely no idea what is going on here.
  9. OK, had to do an unclean reboot and got diagnostics, but then it failed as indicated below!
  10. I went to update my array and it wouldn't load the screen from the Update Assistant, showed a 520 Bad Gateway. So I thought, okay,s something flaked and I'll just reboot and hope for the best. Well I can't stop the array or reboot from the interface either. I tried poweroff from the command line. No joy. I tried downloading diagnostics and it gets to the following image and gets stuck here:
  11. Yeah - I will change it. I believe the last time I just upped it since I didn't have time to deal with the log issue and then fixed the log issue and didn't downsize. But I guess I'll reduce it back. Thanks!
  12. I honestly don't remember why. Maybe I was facing a similar log issue in the past and just upsized to buy time? Does it really matter though?
  13. So, it says I have 40GB+ to scrub, but these sizes seem okay - maybe it is all good? Name Container Writable Log --------------------------------------------------------------------- binhex-jellyfin 2.98 GB 781 MB 506 kB calibre 1.79 GB 368 MB 49.0 kB calibre-web 1.24 GB 624 MB 81.2 kB binhex-sonarr 1.19 GB 62.5 MB 1.61 MB binhex-mc-creative 1.17 GB 298 MB 80.6 kB binhex-mc-peaceful 1.17 GB 298 MB 81.0 kB frigate 1.10 GB 4.39 MB 1.84 MB binhex-radarr 969 MB 155 MB 1.90 MB telegraf 493 MB 139 MB 4.63 MB postgres 419 MB 43.4 MB 7.27 kB CloudBeaver 380 MB 434 kB 17.6 kB Influxdb 341 MB 0 B 145 kB HDDTemp 339 MB 0 B 0 B mariadb 293 MB 16.5 kB 21.3 kB Grafana 286 MB 0 B 14.1 MB vaultwarden 197 MB 0 B 216 kB promtail 184 MB 0 B 7.44 MB cops 167 MB 24.7 MB 42.8 kB vernemq 160 MB 20 B 7.53 kB GrafanaLoki 60.8 MB 0 B 9.25 kB syncthing 48.0 MB 11.6 kB 34.5 kB CaddyV2 44.4 MB 0 B 1.81 MB mosquitto 11.8 MB 89 B 35.4 kB --------------------------------------------------------------------- Total size 15.0 GB 2.80 GB 34.7 MB Label: none uuid: 9757a167-f114-4ae6-adc7-322ad0955765 Total devices 1 FS bytes used 43.04GiB devid 1 size 100.00GiB used 48.07GiB path /dev/loop2 btrfs scrub status: UUID: 9757a167-f114-4ae6-adc7-322ad0955765 Scrub started: Sun Jun 12 16:34:09 2022 Status: finished Duration: 0:06:19 Total to scrub: 43.92GiB Rate: 119.16MiB/s Error summary: no errors found
  14. So my docker image is quite large still, but diagnostics look cleaner.