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  1. Anyone have a Hugo docker to share? Would love to start static blogging with it.
  2. Ok. I read through all 14 pages and am completely unclear about this. early posts seem to indicate logging was insecure for reverse proxies. With a reasonably long fix posted around page 4 or so. Also if I am running Bitwarden _rs now as a Docker how do I transition cleanly?
  3. I was a dumbass and let my password manager autofill a few times before realizing it had the wrong thing saved. So now I am locked out of the WebUI. I can still SSH in, so is there a way to reset the WebUI login attempts?
  4. OK I am a dumbass, got to format them first in unassigned devices and then add them to the pool.
  5. Just installed 2 SSDs to move to a cache pool setup and getting this error when I spin it up. Unmountable: No pool uuid I tried switching from auto to btrfs and didn't get an option to format the drives or anything. Diagnostics attached
  6. Ah cool, yep it was definitely that. I don't love that the plugin alters default butttons so I just got rid of it. Thanks everyone!
  7. I've followed the instructions laid out here since I am replacing my SSD with 2x larger SSDs All cache shares set to Yes. Click on Move on Main and nothing happens - page refreshes and that is it. Cache drive still has a lot of stuff on it. All the folders there are still quite full. What am I missing here?
  8. So reading through all of this has left me more confused - iSCSI kernel support is in the 6.9.0 rcs, but I need a plugin? Which plugin? How stable is this? Will Unraid be adding a non-plugin, supported method?
  9. OK, I deleted the rsyslog config files and rebooted. Added back in my syslog server, confirmed the entry on rsyslog.conf... Still nothing.
  10. It was previously, but I did delete the appdata folder between installs.
  11. I installed the docker, no changes except putting it on a custom bridge network, but it seems to get stuck on Step 5 Tail of log: ------------------------------------------------------------ ----- Step 5 of 5: ioBroker startup ----- ------------------------------------------------------------ Starting ioBroker... host.542b55ffc9ab check instance "system.adapter.admin.0" for host "a2e2a3097bbf" host.542b55ffc9ab check instance "system.adapter.discovery.0" for host "a2e2a3097bbf" host.542b55ffc9ab check instance "" for host "a2e2a3097bbf" Then just sits here. Any thoughts? Something about the hostname change.
  12. I have promtail-loki-grafana docker stack setup. I tried promtail both on the bridge network and on custom:br0 with its own IP address. I don't get any messages from my unraid server. I do get messages from another server on my network, so the stack is working. Is this related to the docker networks? Some flaw in the syslog implementation. I tried deleting the rsyslog config files off of boot and rebuilding them. No luck there either.
  13. No idea why but my Unraid server has started to periodically crash since upgrading to 6.9.0-rc2. Would appreciate any guidance as to what is going on here.
  14. Running 6.90rc2 on an MSI B460 Tomahawk/i3 setup. Fans are running at full speed all the time despite temps being low (30degC or so) Installed perl through NerdPack, Dynamix System Temp; hddtemp; and Dynamix Auto Fan plugins The problems are No HD temps being reported on the dashboard Auto Fan Control doesn't see the PWM controller System Temp Plugin: Available drivers - coretemp Processor temp - coretemp - CPU temp Motherboard temp - acpitz - MB Temp Array fan speed - none [no options] Auto Fan Control Fan control function - Enabled PWM controller - None [no options] sensors-detect output # Chip drivers modprobe coretemp /usr/bin/sensors -s Anything I can do to get this working?