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  1. Password Protection over Swag: In the swag docs they have this: If you'd like to password protect your sites, you can use htpasswd. Run the following command on your host to generate the htpasswd file: docker exec -it swag htpasswd -c /config/nginx/.htpasswd <username> You can add multiple user:pass to .htpasswd. For the first user, use the above command, for others, use the above command without the -c flag, as it will force deletion of the existing .htpasswd and creation of a new one source:https://docs.linuxserver.io/images/docker-swag (scroll down to Security and Password Protection) For that to work you will also have to uncomment these two lines in the config file. #auth_basic "Restricted"; #auth_basic_user_file /config/nginx/.htpasswd; Password Protection in the Docker: Just saw this in their discord server: You can also add simple authentication in the docker config. But i do not know how it will hold up in reference to the one directly in the reverse proxy.
  2. I didn't think that Dockers work that way but apparently they do. For volume mapping the unraid host uses the -v command which adds the problem discussed bellow: According to the Dockerfile in the Tachidesk-docker repository(https://github.com/Suwayomi/docker-tachidesk/blob/main/Dockerfile). Their Suwayomi user has UID and GID set to 1000. My thoughts with dockers were that the id in the docker does not matter so the id's of the user running docker would be used. But this does not happen. This is my ls-l output from the download folder: root@Tower:/mnt/user/Mediaserver/Manga/Tachidesk/MangaDex (EN)/This Village Sim NPC Could Only Be Human# ls -ltotal 0 drwxr-xr-x 1 windows 1000 224 Jan 17 13:22 Kirei\ Cake_Ch.16.2/ drwxr-xr-x 1 windows 1000 306 Jan 13 17:20 Kirei\ Cake_Ch.17.1/ drwxr-xr-x 1 windows 1000 306 Jan 13 15:12 Kirei\ Cake_Ch.17.2/ drwxr-xr-x 1 windows 1000 276 Jan 13 15:11 Kirei\ Cake_Ch.18.1/ drwxrwxrwx 1 nobody users 276 Nov 7 20:42 Kirei\ Cake_Ch.18.2/ If you look at it you see two different users. The Nobody user is there from when i tested the chwon and chmod command at the system. But in the other files we can see that a different user created them. It is the windows user i created in Unraid to access the drives. Now let us see what output less /etc/passwd gives me: windows:x:1000:100:normal windows login:/:/bin/false Now if we remember to the beginning the suwayomi user has the UID set to 1000, which is the same as my windows user. So the docker was only working on my System because some USERID was the same as the USERID from the Docker. ---------- How to fix it. OPTION 1:(Prefered) I contact the Tachidesk guys and have them add some option we can use to change the ID's the docker uses to make/change stuff. OPTION 2: If Option 1 fails I'll make a fork and set it up to use changes in option1 and that it updates automatically from the suwayomi repository. ------- Ok it might take a bit till this is sorted out fully. I have exams and a paper comming up so it could be that it is fixed at the end of February. Till the you can use the docker without any added paths. Important: When the docker has an update available do not update it immediately! Create a Backup file in the Settings and save it. Then you can update and use the backup file to get your progress back.
  3. Ok, looks like I did not do my Research correctly. I added the PUID and GUID variables to the container template as i thought that those would be handled by the docker engine but apparently the docker itself needs to have support for it so it doesn't work in our case. They are currently useless and i will remove them from the Template. Ok so the Problem is that the docker can't write it's files. A few questions i have for you: What are the zpool share settings? Is It shared with smb? (The permissions can get funky if windows has access to it.) Is the zpool/tank_docker/appdata path set as standard in the docker settings?(If not maybe the docker engine gets no access to it) things to try out: -Removing the docker from the unraid system and reinstalling it. -Removing all the mount paths to see if the docker runs like that. (With removed filepaths the docker will only run in it's own container and does not keep data when updating the container) If it does not work then something different is wrong on your end. That are my thoughts for now. I'll do some more research later.
  4. Assuming you have the same error as the others you can fix it like this: *Update filepaths to be fitting for your system *you don't need to do this if the docker is running without problems *Research the commands if you are curious about them First we will get the UID and GID from the users available in unraid: less /etc/passwd from the output you should see a line that looks like this: nobody:x:99:100:nobody:/:/bin/false This is the user Nobody that we will use for the docker Exit less by pressing q . Now we will look at which user owns the Folder we write the Tachidesk container data in: ls -ld /mnt/user/appdata/Tachidesk-Docker/ The output i get is this: drwxrwx--- 1 nobody users 192 Jan 13 15:07 /mnt/user/appdata/Tachidesk-Docker/ This is how it should look like. If it does not look like this we do this: First we change ownership of the Folder and subfolder to nobody as user and the group to users. You can add -c to the command to see the made changes. chown -R 99:100 /mnt/user/appdata/Tachidesk-Docker The we change file permissions to all permissions for user and group. chmod -R 770 /mnt/user/appdata/Tachidesk-Docker lastly we check if we were successfull. ls -ld /mnt/user/appdata/Tachidesk-Docker/ ls -l /mnt/user/appdata/Tachidesk-Docker/ Output should look like this: root@Tower:~# ls -ld /mnt/user/appdata/Tachidesk-Docker/ drwxrwx--- 1 nobody users 182 Jan 13 17:17 /mnt/user/appdata/Tachidesk-Docker// root@Tower:~# ls -l /mnt/user/appdata/Tachidesk-Docker/ total 3176 -rwxrwx--- 1 nobody users 3235840 Jan 13 17:19 database.mv.db* -rwxrwx--- 1 nobody users 0 Jan 13 15:00 docker_touchfile* drwxrwx--- 1 nobody users 0 Jan 13 17:17 downloads/ drwxrwx--- 1 nobody users 364 Jan 13 15:09 extensions/ drwxrwx--- 1 nobody users 0 Jan 13 17:17 local/ -rwxrwx--- 1 nobody users 11427 Jan 13 17:19 logfile.log* -rwxrwx--- 1 nobody users 395 Jan 13 15:00 server.conf* drwxrwx--- 1 nobody users 156 Jan 13 16:05 thumbnails/ drwxrwx--- 1 nobody users 200 Jan 13 15:00 webUI/ Lastly restart the docker service and the docker. If this does or does not work please write back and give some feedback.
  5. Updated the xml file with the new internal docker paths that got changed in one of the last updates. Downloads will now be downloaded to your designated folder again. (Internal docker change from /library to /downloads) Local library can now be accessed at sources. (Internal docker path /local) * It can take a while till the changes are available from community updates
  6. Could you send me a Screenshot of the Docker Template on your end? Furthermore if your setup is using the defaults, can you use this command in the console? This command will list all the file permissions of the Tachidesk-Docker folder. If you renamed the folder rename it in the command too. ls -ld /mnt/user/appdata/Tachidesk-Docker/ This would help me with the troubleshooting. Let me hear from you soon!
  7. Right. I removed the Path from the template as the docker container saves it's main files in the docker image. It seems i forgot to remove it after testing. This should remove the issue.
  8. Ask here for any Problems that might show up during ComiXed-Docker installation or usage. Installation: It's the same like you know for other Containers. Fill in The required Fields and ignore the others when not needed. When running you also have to add the /import folder in the Import section. See here . After that you also need to add your ComicVine api key in the settings. General Links: Github-Repro: https://github.com/comixed/comixed Readme: https://github.com/comixed/comixed/blob/master/README.md Quickstart: https://github.com/comixed/comixed/blob/master/QUICKSTART.md Docker-Hub: https://hub.docker.com/r/comixed/comixed Website: https://www.comixedproject.org/ --- Github-XML-Template: https://github.com/C3004/Unraid-Templates-C3004/blob/main/Comixed-Docker.xml Github-Repro-XML-Templates: https://github.com/C3004/Unraid-Templates-C3004
  9. Ok, i added the standard ID's to the Template. Might take a while till the new Template is available. It might not update by itself so you have to remove and add the container again. (They are 'hidden' under the 'show more settings' Dropdown menu)
  10. Hi, I have a few ideas. How did you go about with giving the container permissions? As the Template is set currently no special PGID and PUID was assigned so Unraid should? use the 'nobody' account for permissions. If the 'nobody' account doesn't have permission the docker container doesn't as well. (Source: https://forums.unraid.net/topic/50738-permission-problem/?do=findComment&comment=499657) Maybe 'nobody' has no access? I will read more into the ID's to see what ID's i can give the container. I will update the Template then. Otherwise Is your Appdata Share shared on your usenet over SMB or NFS? Out of experience the permissions get funky if it's shared. Maybe try unsharing it and it could work. Anyways the /. /home... is the path set in the Docker itself. Changing it won't solve the Permission Problem here. That was what i currently came up with. Good luck.
  11. Ask here for any Problems that might show up durching Tachidesk-Docker installation or usage. Installation: It's the same like you know for other Containers. Fill in The required Fields and ignore the others when not needed. Advanced Config: Add Password Protection Common Problems: Docker can't access hard disk - This Docker has an internal user set to 1000:1000. As the Kernel is shared between Docker and Host The Docker makes operations over the 1000 User. When you haven't created an extra User the Permission error will flare up. I can't fix this right now but you could 'fix' it by creating an extra user over the user Parameter in the Unraid Webui. If you want to know why click the 'Docker can't...' Link General Links: Github-Repro-Tachidesk-Docker: https://github.com/suwayomi/docker-tachidesk Github-Repro-Tachidesk: https://github.com/Suwayomi/Tachidesk-Server Github-XML-Template: https://github.com/C3004/Unraid-Templates-C3004/blob/main/Tachidesk-Docker.xml Github-Repro-XML-Templates: https://github.com/C3004/Unraid-Templates-C3004