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To be moved to DockerContainer support.


Ask here for any Problems that might show up during Komf-Docker installation or usage.

Komf replaces all Metadata from what you're modifying!



It's the same like you know for other Containers.

Fill in The required Fields and ignore the others when not needed.



In the current docker the application yml is not provided. So I put it here application.yml(31.12.22) for you . You need to put it in Komf's Appdata folder. There you can take a look at the advanced settings.



Komf is currently an API project only. Unless you know how to deal with those you can join me in using the Userscript.

The Script adds a new button on the right of the usual config buttons in Komga:


It will let you Identify the Series and add Metadata to it.


Preparation Userscript:

You will need a Userscript manager. I took Snd-R's recommended one named Tampermonkey.

Download the Userscript from his Release-Section.

Open the Settings from Tampermonkey.

Drag and drop the js file in there.

Press the install button.

Now you should see the Script in the installed Section.

Press the edit button on the far right.



1. Change the first URL to your Komga-Instance.

2. Change the second URL to your Komf-Instance.


Now save the changes under File.


You can now reload your Komga Tab and enjoy the Metadata Grabber.


General Links:

Github-Repro-Komf-Docker: https://github.com/Snd-R/komf

Github-Repro-Komf-Userscript: https://github.com/Snd-R/komf-userscript

Github-XML-Template: https://github.com/C3004/Unraid-Templates-C3004/blob/main/Komf-Docker.xml

Github-Repro-XML-Templates: https://github.com/C3004/Unraid-Templates-C3004


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updated yml
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Once I have the script installed, where in the UI do I see the option to add data?


User error, I got it working now!


Actually, it's not working. It's saying "no match found" for every single comic series I scan.


2nd edit: The metadata is did grab automatically was laughably wrong. 

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Docker refuses to start with the following error:

13:03:09.689 [main] ERROR org.snd.Application - Failed to start the app
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Expected URL scheme 'http' or 'https' but no scheme was found for
at okhttp3.HttpUrl$Builder.parse$okhttp(HttpUrl.kt:1261)
at okhttp3.HttpUrl$Companion.get(HttpUrl.kt:1634)
at org.snd.module.MediaServerModule.<init>(MediaServerModule.kt:96)
at org.snd.module.AppModule.<init>(AppModule.kt:29)
at org.snd.module.context.AppContext.refresh(AppContext.kt:39)
at org.snd.module.context.AppContext.init(AppContext.kt:29)
at org.snd.cli.Komf.run(Komf.kt:30)
at com.github.ajalt.clikt.parsers.Parser.parse(Parser.kt:198)
at com.github.ajalt.clikt.parsers.Parser.parse(Parser.kt:18)
at com.github.ajalt.clikt.core.CliktCommand.parse(CliktCommand.kt:400)
at com.github.ajalt.clikt.core.CliktCommand.parse$default(CliktCommand.kt:397)
at com.github.ajalt.clikt.core.CliktCommand.main(CliktCommand.kt:415)
at com.github.ajalt.clikt.core.CliktCommand.main(CliktCommand.kt:440)
at org.snd.ApplicationKt.main(Application.kt:20)

Not sure What to do, as far as I can tell I've filled out all requires fields correctly in the "application.yml" and docker template.



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Hi Steven,


i took a short look. Could replicate the error.

Currently it seems to me that the docker won't accept that the Kavita fields are not filled in.

The Docker normaly should ignore kavita if the event listener is not activated.


I'll take a closer look later.


Anyway the latest version without kavita would be this one


but it's not kompatible with the new config.


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