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  1. I did 65w for both PL1 and PL2 and kept PL3 on auto. I had 28 for Time. Hopefully those are good settings.
  2. Thanks to the both of you. I will try and set the power to 65w first if I can figure out the damn BIOS settings from Gigabyte.
  3. I am using a Gigabyte W480m Motherboard with an i7-10700 CPU. I have set it to "powersave" CPU scaling using intel pstate driver. I have Intel SpeedStep enabled. Basically, if Filebot docker or Plex docker really get cooking, they 100% load the CPU and the temps go above 100C. I feel like I must be missing some settings in unRaid or my BIOS. I have repasted my CPU cooler with aftermarket thermal paste and even got a better cooler. I got my case fans to speed up if the CPU needs help and it still gets hot. The idle temps are great. Its just under load I run into a problem. Whatever the