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Crazy Temps on 10th Gen Intel CPU

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I am using a Gigabyte W480m Motherboard with an i7-10700 CPU. I have set it to "powersave" CPU scaling using intel pstate driver. I have Intel SpeedStep enabled. Basically, if Filebot docker or Plex docker really get cooking, they 100% load the CPU and the temps go above 100C. I feel like I must be missing some settings in unRaid or my BIOS.

I have repasted my CPU cooler with aftermarket thermal paste and even got a better cooler. I got my case fans to speed up if the CPU needs help and it still gets hot. The idle temps are great. Its just under load I run into a problem. Whatever the issue is it seems like it does not throttle down based on temperature.

The only thing that I have done that keeps the temps low was disabled Turbo Boost(every core stayed at 2.9ghz) or isolate only 4-6 CPUs per docker container. Parity scan and file movement are handled fine.

I spent most of Sunday reading about all this so I figured I'd look for some more help. Thanks for anything you guys can provide. On 6.9.1

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2 hours ago, Atreides said:

I have set it to "powersave" CPU scaling using intel pstate driver.


2 hours ago, Atreides said:

keeps the temps low was disabled Turbo Boost

Odd, pstate haven't effect .... in experience , that behavior usually due to BIOS have lock that. 


Check 10700 (non-k), Intel let user set the PL1 ( power limit ), so it really a bonus, you can turbo max it but consume over 200W. So, I suppose BIOS have unleash its performance in default.



Things are different once you start unlocking the power limit. Intel intended for the Core i7-10700 to operate at 65 W, which is simply way too low for this 8-core/16-thread processor. In order to achieve their 65 W TDP promise, Intel has set the PL1 power limit to 65 W. For short, in bursty workloads the PL2 power limit will override PL1 for a few seconds as it is set at a generous 224 W. Manually adjusting the power limit is possible on all multiplier-locked "Comet Lake" processors; on all motherboards, with all chipsets. While in previous reviews, we saw very little benefit from playing with those power limits, this capability has turned into a wonderful new overclocking knob for the Core i7-10700.



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On the 10th Gen motherboards, damn near every one of the manufacturers is setting them up as an "Unofficial" overclock out of the box by allowing the CPU to run as hot as it possibly can by not following the rules on what Intel states.


Look at this  


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