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  1. @Linus, glad to hear it worked out for you. I got lucky on my end and my system stabilized on 6.9.1.
  2. Update, I'm just shy of 28hrs of uptime... I'm leaning towards this issue being resolved.
  3. Not that I'm trying to jinx myself, but the system has been online for about 13hrs now. We'll see if it remains online while I'm at work...
  4. @Linus, let me know if you had any luck after downgrading. I think one of the reasons I was unsuccessful in my downgrade attempt, is that my cache drive required a XFS repair (as I mentioned in my previous post). I did wind up going back to 6.9.1 since I was not seeing any differences in stability on 6.9.0-rc2. Unfortunately, I ran into another lock-up this morning after that & the XFS repair. Like your other post, I was unable to find anything useful in the syslog before/after I brought the system back online. Therefore, I wound up starting a separate topic so I could post log
  5. Thanks @Hoopster. Those traces were from the crash/lock-up that occurred overnight. I brought the system back online in the 7am (CST) range this morning and ran a XFS repair on my cache drive (once I saw the "rcu_sched self-detected stall on CPU" error in the logs, and checked the forum). After that, I rebooted the system at least one more time (maybe two) before I went to work. Unfortunately, the syslog did not have any further mentions of "traces" or "self-detected stalls" before or after the most recent lock-up this morning (10:28:56 am CST).
  6. Additional things that I've checked: BIOS Version - Was one version behind. Just brought it current (after the most recent lock-up). Global C-States (BIOS) - Verified it was disabled Current Control (BIOS) - Verified it was set to "Typical Current Idle" XMP Profiles (BIOS) - Verified it was disabled Downcore Control (BIOS) - Verified it was disabled Docker - "Host access to custom networks" was already disabled/off.
  7. Over the past few days, my server has been going into an unresponsive state at random times. My only recourse has been to force the system down via the power button. I originally captured a "rcu_sched self-detected stall on CPU" error early this morning (before it locked-up). Once I brought the system back online, I ran a XFS repair on my cache drive (after reading this post on the forum), and have not seen any further instances of the error. Mar 30 02:54:36 WadeWilson kernel: rcu: INFO: rcu_sched self-detected stall on CPU However, a few hours after my rebooting and
  8. Spoke too soon with mine... Went down overnight. Logs showed a self-reported CPU stall. From what I've seen on the forum, it's pointing to cache drive corruption. So, I ran xfs_repair and rebooted. Back to monitoring...
  9. @Linus, I was running into stability issues as well on my server with 6.9.1-stable, which the frequency of freezing/locking-up increased over the past few days (where I would get a few hours or so of stability after bringing the system back online). For me, I may have been experiencing a bug (that others reported) regarding using Docker containers on br0 (with a static IP). However, I was never able to capture the telltale "kernel panic" error in the logs (due to my syslog server config previously not working). I attempted downgrading back to 6.8 (since using VLANs was not an optio
  10. I was finally able to get my syslog working thanks to this topic:
  11. I was able to get my Forge server to work for the time being with the docker image from "Veriwind's Repository". However, I would eventually like to get it to work under Binhex's.
  12. Thanks @SpaceInvaderOnefor the tutorial info. My question pertains to working around the container wanting to use the latest server jar version, and use a specific older one instead. I checked the docker tags available and they do not go back far enough (in terms of versions). That's why I was asking if there is a variable (etc) that I can use to point to a specific jar file in the appdata folder (named different than the one that gets auto-updated).
  13. Has anyone figured out how to specify an alternate server jar file? I'm trying to run a v1.12.2 instance for Forge. I originally had it running under Binhex's MineOS container, but found that the WebGUI for it would stop working whenever the Forge server was running.
  14. Hi, I have an issue that I've been trying to address where the kernel reports that the clock is unsynchronized in the syslog. I have already rebuilt my flash drive with a fresh copy of Unraid and restored my config files a few weeks ago (for a different issue). To combat this, I have a user script that runs on a cron schedule (currently set to 2hrs) to force an NTP resync, but I would like to get rid of the error altogether. Also, I have already replaced the CMOS battery on the motherboard last month. When checking the system time (under Date & Time) on the dashboard, the clock