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  1. I'm still having this problem, anybody have any ideas?
  2. Hi All, I'm having a new problem for the last month or so. Nothing on my setup changed, I'm running latest versions of everything. Qbittorrent all of a sudden started to move completed torrents into my "Auto" folder i.e. the folder that is bein autowatched for new torrents. Normally the download is moved when completed to a folder called "completed" and the torrent is moved to "finished torrents" The relevant paths are still assigned correctly within settings, and if i manually "set download location" to the "completed" directory by right clicking the torrent it moves to the correct place on completion.
  3. HI All, Having a couple of issues with my plex movies. Firstly, TV shows work fine, if I add a new show/file it comes up and downloads the artwork etc no problem. However If I add a new movie, it does not download any meta information artwork etc. Some movies come up with an error when I try to play them. (Mostly movies that have been on the server for some time.) However... If I copy a movie off and delete it from the server, and then put it back on, it plays fine, but of course it then has lost the metadata... Any ideas? <EDIT> I made a new library and pointed it at the same folder as movies.... the movies all play but still have no artwork in the new library... so no need to copy off and back on again...
  4. OK, job done. I renamed the ones that were on the array and swapped the cache drive out. All is fine! Thanks all for your help!
  5. I just looked at the files, and there is libvert and docker.img sat on the array disk 4 with a date of 6 July.... so would those be the best to rename?
  6. Would I do that through the MC command in terminal?
  7. Yes it does look like they are there on the array...
  8. Hi, I turned off the docker and VM manager in the settings and then ran mover after setting the "appdata, domains and system" shares to yes
  9. Array is all working properly. Right, onto replacing the cache drive. I'm following the guide you linked for replacing a single drive when you do not have a spare I've turned off dockers and vm's and set appdata, domains and system to "Yes" from "prefer" and run the mover. However in the cache there is still a folder "System" containing "Docker" and "Libvert" folders. when I rerun mover it leaves them there. In that guide it says the cache drive should be empty.... how do I get it to move the last few files across to the array so I can replace the cache drive?
  10. Great thanks for that, I'll post when it's done...
  11. Ah, that share is windowsdisk - VM storage I've just set it to yes and running mover. I'm going to upgrade the cache drive soon, is there a good step by step guide for the current release that you can recommend for a complete noob like myself? Is the one on the wiki the right thing to follow? https://wiki.unraid.net/Replace_A_Cache_Drive Thank you all for your help.
  12. OK Mover just completed, there is 74gb space on the cache drive now. Attached is diagnostictower-diagnostics-20191209-1812.zip
  13. Thanks so much for replying. OK Array is started this time with the docker and vm's turned off. I'm not sure the best way to copy some data off the cache though, Do I just use MC to copy some large files back to their correct locations? eg from cache drive /mnt/cache/Media/TV Shows to the equivalent place on the array? Or is there a better way?