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  1. any1 know how to fix this? I tried to resize my ubuntu VM from 500G to 400G. used gparted live cd and then unraid terminal cmd used: qemu-img resize --shrink /mnt/file.img 400G Now whenever I start it up I get the following:
  2. Hello, Every time I try to use SMB to edit/modify files I get permission denied. All my dockers (Deluge, nzbget) user Umask 000, PUID 100 and PGID 100. My SMB shares are all public and my user is in group 100. I can use docker safe perm to fix this but it gets very annoying. Same with use SSH or Dolphin to move/edit files. What am I doing wrong? I don't really care about security as this server is only access by myself. If every file had 777 and any user I create on Unraid would be able to edit that would be wonderful!
  3. I only don't know my Disk1 and Disk 3. Could I not just assign them and do a parity check?
  4. Hello All, My USB drive dried the other day and I forgot to make a backup New setup cleared all old backups and just forgot... Wont happen again! I am not sure which drives goes where exactly. Is there a plug-in by any chance that auto backups to cloud/ftp? Thanks. Hopefully I can get my server back up with all my data superserver-diagnostics-20190930-0012.zip
  5. You are correct! thank you so much! Do I just need to edit my VM to resolve this?
  6. Tried that. The diags you see are the results after.
  7. Got a new CPU/Mobo upgraded and swapped everything over. All 6 of my drives that are plugged directly into the mobo controller are all having this issue of not being able to mount. The log says dupe UUID. I tried changing the UUID on 1 drive but that didn't seem to "merge" them. After a reboot the issue came back with that drive also... Error I get and when I try to mount a drive manually: unassigned.devices: Mount of '/dev/sdl1' failed. Error message: mount: /mnt/disks/KINGSTON_SUV400S37240G_50026B766700088B: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sdl1, missing codepage or helper program, or other error. Not sure what to do. Just don't really want to lose my data... I read that I could just swap and Unraid would know by serial #. superserver-diagnostics-20190805-0748.zip
  8. ty for taking a look. I'll try some different sata cables and see how the results go. I hope its as easy as that The appdata folder shows everything is in cache in user shares. The domain folder is not really important as it was a old VM for testing. Nothing is in those folders now. I believe the reason I set the docker image to a much large # was because of my plex server which I have since moved to its on VM. I will set that back to 20G. Doesn't it grow dynamically?
  9. Hello all, I have a few drives with faults but I'm not too savvy in HDD codes. (is 375 errors of UDMA CRC error count high?) I believe 1 or more of my drives is going bad but when I run disk speed test on them I see good #. Just wondering if somebody could take a quick look and help me out finding out which drive is killing my speeds. superserver-diagnostics-20190713-0359.zip