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  1. ive just updated the container and now my username and password doesnt work nor does the default. Anyone have a fix?
  2. still having issues guys. please help syslog (4)
  3. i think its defo a issue with the hard drives. I have a HBA card into the PCE 16x slot. I have already swapped the HBA card but i am still getting errors with SOME of the drives. I have put a problamic drive into one of the sata ports and so far its fine. Its still rebuilding the array. My next step is to update bios.
  4. Still not Gui access with array started, Fine in maintenance mdoe syslog (2)
  5. Works fine in maintenance mode. I cleared the log file yesterday and its already nearly 4gb in size. When i get home ill take a look at it.
  6. It's currently running but no access to the GUI. Plex is running and all the other docker containers
  7. still having issues. Sometimes now i can access webui but i can ssh syslog (1)
  8. sorry still having proiblems. It has been fine up untill this afternoon. syslog
  9. so far so good. Ive had a look at the log file and see how you spotted that. ill let you know if if i have any issues. Thank you
  10. Its enabled where are the logs saved? Found this file on flash syslog
  11. thank you. I cannot see any options in BIOS for th C states. Unraid only crashes when the array has been stared
  12. Hi My unraid server has started crashing after starying the array. Its been stable for months. When it crashes I can ping the server but cannot SSH. I have connected up a monitor and this what i get on the gui. any help would be appreciated media-diagnostics-20231012-1432.zip
  13. thank you. i currently use vpn for this reason but was hoping the remote access feature did some magic to access containers. Thanks for the reply.
  14. is it possible to access the dockers directly via unraid connect? it obviously tries redirecting me to my local ip for vnc.