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  1. it works fine on previous versions. theres a few in the unrai facebook with this issue. was hoping someone had found a fix. i dont hold much hope for help from unifi
  2. Still no help to get this fixed? anyone please
  3. not sure they support it on docker. Posted on the unraid facebook page a few others are also having this issue.
  4. hi guys randomly started getting this error. can anyone help?
  5. any luck with looking at my logs? issue still ongoing media-diagnostics-20210401-1755.zip
  6. media-diagnostics-20210330-1641.zip logs.zip
  7. do you want the full unraid log or the container log
  8. hi, ive been having ongoing issue with my unraid server whereby ram and cpu are running at 100%. Ive narrowed this is down to unmanic. if i kill the container all is good with the world. It has only started happening since the unraid version update. any advice? i really like this docker container. any advic
  9. So this issue is back to haunt me. ive even added another 16GB of ram to my server. could this be a bug in 6.9?
  10. it wasnt just high cpu it was to the point where nothing worked on my server. im not doing any validation to my knowledge.
  11. ***update*** ive deleted my docker image and recreated it on a new drive and touch wood so far everything is running ok ignore the 4 cores on the left they are dedicated to unmanic
  12. i might move and recreate my docker image. if i need more RAM i could always go to downloadmoreram.com
  13. 90% cpu normal for that or is that the overall
  14. still trying to pin point which one it is. whats loop2?