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  1. This kernel doesn't allow me to select "turbo boost" under Tips and Tweaks. Is there another change that needs to be made in order to enable this feature ? (x470 board with 3900x)
  2. What does the following scenario signifiy? Had a disaster, whole cache drive was deleted. No USB backup so recreated it from scratch. Restored a backup of appdata, I can see all the folders for the dockers in appdata, however nothing shows up under the docker tab, or under Apps/previous apps. Do I manually have to reinstall all apps?
  3. Some recommendations I have seen were to use Borg, and to use just use rclone to copy over the files(or the rclone uoload/mount/unmount script) used on furms . I haven't explored thay yet fully, but will report back how it works. Duplicati is out for me. Sent from my SM-N960W using Tapatalk
  4. A public service announcement regarding duplicati. Duplicati is still in beta ( which this container runs) I recently lost my cache drive which means the I lost all my docker containers and duplicati config. No sweat, I had a backup of the config. After restoring the config, I tried to restore a backup of the ~20GB file containing my docker backups. Since the database of files was lost with the duplicati docker, duplicati has to rebuild the database. Whatever code performs this task is broken. A 40GB restore from a 600GB backup, is tracking on taking about 20 days. I bring down all the files from the cloud, and looks like the restore will take about 9 days, even when running from local disk. This seems to be a well known problem with this software. Google duplicati recreating database for similar stories. If you are relying on duplicati for your primary backup, I recommend you google the above msg, and test your back. (delete your docker container / duplicati config, and try a restore as if you had a catastrophic failuer) Sent from my SM-N960W using Tapatalk
  5. So if I value stability first with unraid, there's no value of going over 2666 mhz ram in my config? Sent from my SM-N960W using Tapatalk
  6. Looks line it was the gpu crashing to some issue with Gnome. Regarding the OC ram on ryzen, will newer kernels better handle that (on 6.9) or is this another issue? Sent from my SM-N960W using Tapatalk
  7. The backups stopped running when the server went down, so as far as I know, no.
  8. Situation: I lost my cache array due to an issue running RAM out of spec. I managed to restore all docker containers using a backup. I then lost the USB drive without a backup, but managed to recreate parts of the USB using the files located in a diagnostics file the day before. I lost some customizations including plugins, but drive assignments and share were there. I reinstalled the plugin, and pointed it at the old backup, and.... well now it claims the backups are corrupted with: gzip: stdin: unexpected end of file Zoneminder/data/events/2/2020-08-19/2267/00122-capture.jpg /usr/bin/tar: Unexpected EOF in archive /usr/bin/tar: Unexpected EOF in archive /usr/bin/tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now Backup/Restore Complete. tar Return Value: Restore finished. Ideally you should now restart your server Backup / Restore Completed Now I used those backups, that are hosted not on the unraid server to restore just the day previous. Nothing should have been accessing them. Yet now all 3 previous days are corrupted. When I pull down the tar and try and open it it does seem to be corrupted. Any idea what happened ?
  9. The answer seems to be yes. I copied everything over from the diagnostics/config to the rebuilt key, with all proper assignments. Hopefully this helps people, as we frequentely take diagnostics more often than we take backups of usb keys.(hell they are even backed up for us here on the forums ) This means we can rebuild a usbkey quite easily.
  10. I've had a usbkey failure with a backup that is older than is relevant. However I have diagnostics from yesterday. can the super.dat(and other cfg files in the config folder) from the diagnostics package be used to recreate a flash drive ?
  11. I will have to wait till 6.9 is out of beta to test as I need stability. That being said, there is something about that main VM that whenever I open Reminna on in (remote desktop client), the GUI of the VM freezes(still accessible over ssh), shortly thereafter the server slows to a crawl too. I just had to do a poweroff from the command line, and upon boot, the usb is corrupted. Is there anything else in the logs indicating a massive systemic problem ?
  12. tower-diagnostics-20200921-1947.zip Something very strange is happening. It seems to be the same Linux Ubuntu VM that when interacting with it causes the cache FS error. Just now I had a notification show up with the VM active with cache pool BTRFS missing device. When I got to the unraid GUI it came back... Diagnostics should have captured it. Edit: It didn't. Uploaded the raw syslog. BTRFS cache drive dissapeared around 19:42. The server is still running, but extremely laggy and slow. GUI takes ages to load. Other vm's other barely responsive as well. Global c-state control - disabled Power supply ide control is set to "typical current idle" Is it possible for a nvme drive to be dying without anything showing up in smart ? tower-diagnostics-20200921-1947.zip syslog1.zip
  13. You are correct. I've rebuilt the server (yay for backups) with hopefully the right speed, and the additional ryzen paramters (global c state, and the power setting) I have restored all the dockers using the backup plugin, however I had to recreate my docker.img file. I am going through and manually re-adding all the containers from the template in the gui. Is there a way to re-add everrything instead of the manual method ?
  14. This is an ongoing issue that still occurs every 3-4 months, even with running RAM at stock speeds. It coincidentally seems to happen when I perform an OS upgrade on an Ubuntu VM. I usually I just reboot 3-4 times and the error seems to resolve itself, however this time this isn't working. Can someone please help diagnose why this occurs on a regular basis ? tower-diagnostics-20200921-0556.zip
  15. Good idea. I tried that. 2 cameras are h264 the other are h265. Does the selection of of which streaming protocol matter? Poseidon? H265? Just using the whole Web app jokes my browser up. It almost feels like it's a client issue Sent from my SM-N960W using Tapatalk