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  1. FYI, there was an extra copy of libcurl that I needed for a different utility that was getting in the way of the system's copy of curl. This was entirely my fault!
  2. I'm still getting the dreaded "Download of appfeed failed. .... Last JSON error Recorded: JSON Error: Syntax error" This happens 80-90% of the time. Every once in a while, everything in CA just works, but most of the time, it simply doesn't. Digging through php code, I can find the following URL: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Squidly271/AppFeed/master/applicationFeed.json I can wget or curl this file just fine, and I can contact github.com, so the red herring of "you must have internet access; reboot router; hard code these DNS servers" isn't too helpful, and I've tried hard coding the suggested DNS servers to no avail. Is there some other log I can dive into? Syslog is not helpful in the slightest. Latest plugin is installed, and I've tried removing and re-adding to no avail. Just not enough information for me to debug.
  3. Hey guys - My unraid server died last night (guessing power supply - won't turn on anymore, motherboard gets a light - server is old and needed to go anyways). Oddly, I had just started getting parts for a newer server with larger, fewer drives. I got the old server up and running on older hardware with drives laying on a table - it's nothing I want to keep long term, but at least I'm up and running with no data loss. * The old server has eight 3TB drives. * The new server has four 10TB drives. It only has room for four drives, so I can't physically move the old drives over. Here's how I look at my options: * Replace 4 of the 3TB drives with the 10TB, which includes the parity, one at a time. Migrate all data from the other 4 disks manually. Run the "clear drives" script and move 4 disks + USB to new server. * Set up a new Unraid server, figure out a way to migrate all of my custom settings + docker configs (Plex etc) and contact unraid to transfer my license after using rsync to copy all of the data. (Is there a native way to do this?) Trying to pick what sucks the least and is the least risky. Thanks for any insight!