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  1. Appreciate it, no rush. It's not that big of a bother
  2. Hey there! Just found this and absolutely love it. However I have found one minor bug (not sure if it's been reported yet). Ram usage for the folder view is being calculated wrong, it's not seeing GiB of ram, instead it's treating everything as MiB. You can see an example here in the attached photo.
  3. To anyone stumbling across this thread, or to OP if they are still having difficulties. I just solved the issue here myself. When you first boot into the EFI Shell, run this command: map -b This will map the drives connected to the computer, from there you'll want to select your USB device. Which will most likely be fs# (where # is a number). You can access that drive by typing fs#: From there continue with the rest of the steps, and you'll be golden.