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  1. Yes, server side settings now vice Client side. Which could be good, but they made some changes that don’t work for my viewing pleasure. Mainly the combining of “Continue Watching” and “On Deck” into one row hub. It doesn’t work for me as I usually have 30+ items that I’m viewing and scrolling for 2 minutes through this looking for what I want doesn’t work for me. There are other changes as well, like if you have TV/DVR setup and have it pinned on the left, you can not get rid of the “what’s on” and “Recent channels” hubs. again, all of this may be ok for a lot of users, it j
  2. This is what I needed! Thank you for the information, my Plex viewing is saved..
  3. Thank you for the list - much appreciated. I'm doing something wrong it would seem though. 1) I've deleted my plex docker completely 2) Reinstalled docker while plugging in the tag for the version I want into the VERSION configuration but this method still installs the latest, not really sure how to actually accomplish this. Looking for some further advice, thank you all.
  4. Help on rolling back to an earlier version. Just realized the latest version of Plex is incompatible with ME !! I hate the combined "Continue Watching" and "On Deck" hubs, for me this is a deal breaker. Besides all the other small details with not being able to customize the Home Screen any longer. Is there a way to roll back versions on the docker? I see in the setup there is a "version" key that states "docker". If I can roll back, would this be where the old version would be put? What are the older versions? Is there a list? Sorry for so many questi
  5. Probably just me, I don't watch things until they break or don't work any longer. I use binhex-privoxyvpn for routing a virtual Windows 10 machine. This container stopped worker for me as of a few hours ago (that I noticed). Symptoms experienced: I would Start the docker and it would immediately Stop, wouldn't stay running. After a couple of hours of trying to figure things out, I finally realized that PIA put out NextGen OpenVPN files. You will have to replace the old files and certs and opvn files. All easy enough to replace. Once I did this
  6. Good Morning All - Very new to unRaid and in the use of dockers. I have my array operational and I've installed the binhex-qbittorrentvpn docker without an issue and can download torrents without a problem. (although I do have the VPN portion disabled for testing). I'm very familiar with using a bittorrent client on a windows platform, but the usage is very different in this environment. I am used to selecting a magnet link which populates into my client and then I can choose which folder I want each torrent to be downloaded each time, or I ca
  7. Understood about actual backups - thank you! Just waiting, hardware is slowly trickling in. Won't have everything required until mid next week. Really just need to dig in and have at it. Can't wait until I have something new and shiny. Thanks ddr!
  8. OK, just thought I'd pop in here and introduce myself. Just found you guys a couple weeks ago, and I've been frantically blasting through as many How-To videos as I have time for. I've not pull the gun as of yet, in fact I don't even have my equipment yet. Still awaiting shipment. Being honest here, I'm scared! This is completely new to me, I'm an old pc hardware and Windows guy - never strayed away, never, not once. Well OK, I installed Ubuntu once on a test machine and was completely lost, 5 minutes later, it was deleted. I can watch the How-To video