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  1. Good Morning All - Very new to unRaid and in the use of dockers. I have my array operational and I've installed the binhex-qbittorrentvpn docker without an issue and can download torrents without a problem. (although I do have the VPN portion disabled for testing). I'm very familiar with using a bittorrent client on a windows platform, but the usage is very different in this environment. I am used to selecting a magnet link which populates into my client and then I can choose which folder I want each torrent to be downloaded each time, or I can even create a new folder location on the fly. I normally do not rename items and I want to seed immediately. In addition, I download directly into my Plex library folders because I want them to show up immediately in Plex as well as maintain seeding. So that's what I'm used to. When using the binhex-qbittorrentvpn docker, it appears the download location is set through the initial setup and there is no way to adjust the file location "on the fly" based upon what torrent you may be downloading. I hope I explained myself well enough. Am I missing something obvious within the docker usage? As an example, I've included a screen capture of the dialog box I would normally get for each torrent added to my client (via URL or magnet).
  2. Understood about actual backups - thank you! Just waiting, hardware is slowly trickling in. Won't have everything required until mid next week. Really just need to dig in and have at it. Can't wait until I have something new and shiny. Thanks ddr!
  3. OK, just thought I'd pop in here and introduce myself. Just found you guys a couple weeks ago, and I've been frantically blasting through as many How-To videos as I have time for. I've not pull the gun as of yet, in fact I don't even have my equipment yet. Still awaiting shipment. Being honest here, I'm scared! This is completely new to me, I'm an old pc hardware and Windows guy - never strayed away, never, not once. Well OK, I installed Ubuntu once on a test machine and was completely lost, 5 minutes later, it was deleted. I can watch the How-To video and follow along on most things, and I'm going to try this. I have no choice really, I am pushing 40 TB of data right now with about 6 or 8 external hard drives sitting on the floor in my spare bedroom. I have no backups nor do i even have a plan for one, so here I am. I understand how the unRAID array works, shares work, and how VMs work - I've been using them for years in a Windows environment, I don't expect much difference in unRAID with them. I've watch the video on what a Docker is in unRAID, how to install them, but I don't understand how they interact with each other. And maybe this is something that will just click when I start my build. Why I am here: 1) I need a disk array solution that affords me at some protection against failures. Also, if I plug one more external HDD into the computer I may cause a fire. 2) i need to be able to run a torrent application which allows me to download media, utilize VPN, and stay active in order to host torrent files. 3) I need to be able to run my Plex Server and have multiple streams ongoing while end users are watching inside and outside my home network. 4) I travel for work, I need to be able to access the server while away from my home. I've seen enough How-To videos online to know these are all possible, I guess I'm just looking for some assurance that I'm not barking up the wrong tree. I look forward to spending time in the forums, I don't doubt that I will have many upcoming questions once I start this process. -Keelhaulers Western NY