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  1. Oh... Read that when I first started the server but totally forgot it. Thank you!
  2. Hey ich, how do I give myself op on the minecraft server using your docker, is there a way to access the minecraft console?
  3. Oh it was that easy... it now works Thank you so much for taking your time to help me!
  4. Here is my server.properties file, docker config och the ports my dockers are using. server.properties
  5. I saw this, I´ve tried changing ports and nothing changed the same warning still comes upp and the surver shuts down
  6. These are the logs in my minecraft folder latest.log debug.log
  7. Hey, another minecraft server question here. I´ve been trying to set up a Tekxit 3 server and everytime it starts it loads all the mods and everyting and then it shuts down the server. I have tried to launch the server on my pc and everyting worked then.
  8. Hey, Thank you I am now able to change the share! Most of those problem where caused by non working apps wich I´m going to remove and I will check the other problem aswell! The parity check was completed and I will run the non-correcting parity check. My unRaid server is on an old HP Proliant Microserver(1st gen) and it only has USB 2.0 Thank you so much for your help, really appreciate it! hopefully everything should be working now
  9. Here is the diagnostics zip blackbox-diagnostics-20190731-2045.zip
  10. Hi, I´m new to unraid and have only been using it for my plex server. I was going to install some more stuff on it and need to acces the appdata and isos share from my pc but I can´t change the settings on the SMB share. Everytime I change the Export from "no" to "yes" on the SMB share and click apply it changes it back to no on both appdata and isos. What do I need to do, I'm guessing it ´s something with the permissions but I have no idea.