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  1. Wanted to pop in and give a big thanks to the LSIO crew for all the hard work they do. 😎
  2. The dockers work fine and are setup the way you mention, i mean specifically that the Cleanup Appdata plugin does not see any of my appdata folders on the UD when an orphaned one exists.
  3. Is there a way to point it to appdata that is stored on an unassigned device ? Ever since I moved my appdata to the UD the plugin does not seem to see orphaned folders; or any for that matter. Thanks
  4. I've not had any DB corruption. I'm new to unraid and loaded 6.7.2 fresh. All my appdata exists on an unassigned SSD since the initial setup. Cache is a separate SSD. Just adding input for a data point.
  5. Hello, Using a custom vpn provider, getting some errors and am hoping for some pointers as I would like to continue to use my provider. the warnings are: (from the log) WARNING: 'link-mtu' is used inconsistently, local='link-mtu 1633', remote='link-mtu 1581' WARNING: 'cipher' is used inconsistently, local='cipher AES-256-CBC', remote='cipher AES-256-GCM' WARNING: 'auth' is used inconsistently, local='auth SHA512', remote='auth [null-digest]' Stuck for the moment. supervisord.log