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  1. 12 hours later update...VM crashed while I was trying to run a benchmark and on server reboot my 390x wasn't showing up in Unraid at all. So I opened up the case and took it all out and set it back in. Few hours of benchmarks and Beat Saber playing since then and it hasn't crashed once. Hopefully stays that way.
  2. So I tried above suggestions, creating a new q35 template with the same vdisks and was able to install the latest graphics driver and the VM is still crashing. I think I might look into getting an NVidia card to replace it..that'll get me away from the AMD bug anyway. I've had a feeling this card had some issues for a long time but never been able to pin it down as it's never been this bad. I would try going back to 6.6 but I only see 6.7 in restore points, and I'd rather not end up messing up stuff in the rest of the server anyway. I'll update if replacing the card ends up working but it might be a week or so as I'm going on vacation for a few days.
  3. I had no idea this was a thing, wow. I'll give it a try as well.
  4. If I try to change my machine to Q35 I get this error XML error: The PCI controller with index='0' must be model='pcie-root' for this machine type, but model='pci-root' was found instead I'm fairly sure I tried to setup a separate Q35 VM before but ran into other issues, I guess I'll try it again after checking out this video. Thanks
  5. Hello, having issues with my Win10 VM that I use for VR gaming in my living room ever since my server updated past 6.7, it was working fine for a few months on unraid 6.6.7 Current Version 6.7.2 2019-06-25 mobo: asus z97-a cpu: i7 4790k memory: 32GB DDR3 RAM gfx: MSI R9 390x 8GB with AMD driver 18.9.3 (all newer drivers black screen and crash instantly) Win10 VM is getting half the cpu cores and 16GB RAM with GPU+hdmi audio passthrough + mobo soundcard and USB controller So the situation seems to be that my graphics driver is randomly crashing in the VM, usually while playing games, and it becomes unreachable. Screen becomes disconnected and can't ping/remote to the VM at all. Requires me to force stop the VM and also Reboot the whole unraid server because the VM can't start due to Execution error internal error: Unknown PCI header type '127', which I'm aware is a known issue. Win10 event logs are showing "Display driver amdkmdap stopped responding and has successfully recovered." is happening right when the VM becomes unreachable even though it says the driver recovered. Originally I had been sitting on unraid 6.6.7 after I had finally gotten everything working normally but one day I rebooted the server and it seemed to have installed 6.7 on its own, and I started having issues. Possibly just a coincidence. Attached diagnostics should be a bit after the VM crashed, though I don't see much related to that itself since it seems to be Windows that's crashing. Anything you can tell me would be appreciated. Even if it's an NVidia gpu suggestion cause I'm ready to blame issues on this 390x, personally. Thanks unraid-diagnostics-20190813-0036.zip