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  1. Unraid 6.9.1 Hp proliant dl380e HBA HP h220 SAS DISK from HGST partnr HUS723030ALS640 Sas spin down works with delay from disk settings Sas spin up works with spin up button without error. But spin up / wake from docker/plex spin up but count 4 error on disk 1 in array. Why is count 4 error on disk 1?
  2. Flash original hp firmware on h220 will fix your fan problem.
  3. Preclear my sas disks solved the problem. Thank you for your reply👍
  4. I have updated lsi firmware and get same error again.
  6. I am running new config 4 sas disk and some 1tb sata disk on ny hp DL380e g8 with h220 raid controller. I have strange disk write/read errors on my 4 sas disk when i am doing disk parity check. Is there anybody can help me to find out what is going wrong? 🙄
  7. I have unraid basic license. Like : Easy swap harddrive and storage expansion. Easy webgui, Linux base and can run on allmost any hardware. Future request: Get focus on small fish, I think many home users will buy basic licsense if unraid use storage size limitation instead of drive limitation. 😊