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  1. Great, I was assuming that is how it was programmed. I did however miss the step about assigning a static IP to the client. Thanks for the help!
  2. I have a fresh VM running pfsense with a new 2 port NIC. I have the VM set to autostart when booted. Does this mean that when I reboot the server the VM will come up and provide internet service before I log in with my credentials to unraid? Obviously I can't get to unraid over the LAN until the VM is running and I can't start the LAN because its a VM on unraid. Hence chicken or the egg. or is there another way or am I missing a setting? Thanks in advance! I so appreciate this forum. many times its gotten me out of trouble.
  3. Yes mine fixed itself as well. went through a complete parity scan and voila its working again.
  4. Thanks for taking the time ... 1. I was installing PfSence on a new NIC card on a VM. I lost connection to the unraid server entirely. (most likely because I selected UEFI and not Bios during install) 2. I was able to ensure I am not using UEFI in the supermicro server BIOS Boot but the server now starts in the server shell. I then need to use the Java view application and Unraid starts on my server screen. 3. I am unable to connect to the server over my local network. 4. not sure what to do next. I was thinking about deleting my network config file but prior to doing that I thought I would ask the forum. tower-diagnostics-20211006-1512.zip
  5. did you every get this to work with delugeVPN and Torguard? Please post, much thanks
  6. Yep got it. I had firewall issues. I had to remove them completely to get it work.
  7. So need some help still. What should I look for to ensure a "websocket" has started and working and then noVNC is started and working. I have a new install and am unable to get krusader running. I think my setting for krusader are correct, but I really need exact instruction on what to look for. Please and thank you for any help
  8. Lol Heck I don't know either! I'm going to take a break and learn some more. thank you for your help.
  9. I'm good on editing parameters, My issue is once all of that is done, I start the Gui and it says "failed to connect"
  10. I have added & deleted the different paths and hosts. Deleted and reinstalled the docker and restarted the server. I am unable to get past the connect part of the noVnc
  11. I am a complete newbie. Just fired up a new server and am trying to get Krusader up and running. I continue to get a "failed to connect to server" when starting the Krusader docker in webUI. I have looked for quite sometime for a solution but need help. Thanks for any help!