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  1. I tried installing remotely today, however when starting the container it just stops after Entered main script. Starting Remotely server. The same thing happens when manually creating it with the docker-compose.yml Is something broken or am I forgetting something here? Update: I checked it today again, apparently it works now. Maybe setup just took very long or something even though it's a fast cpu and storage. It seemed inactive yesterday.
  2. Yes but this must be isolated to the docker/unraid version if that is true, which would mean it's a docker or unraid problem. I've had no issues for example with the windows version of subsonic with network shares... And I think I've used the docker version of subsonic in the past with network shares, on linux, however can't recall for sure.
  3. I'm having an issue with Airsonic where my library scan is just extremely slow. It took over a day to scan about 2500 items. My logs show no errors or anything. The music is located on a network share. I also tried libresonic, same issue. Importing music in Emby for example is fine and quick. I've tried reinstalling and clearing the database, tried fast-access mode, tried libresonic as mentioned. I'm just not sure anymore where to start looking, the network speed is fine, considering emby and other containers run fine. Any ideas?