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  1. I've got 2 of the HP branded Fusion-IO Drive2 1.2TB that I would love to install as cache disks as well. Gonna stick around and see if there is anything I can do to help.
  2. *Update* Completely unrelated to unRAID but I was able to get my 1205GB HP inDrive2 to work with ESXI on my DL380 G7 and the performance boost using it as a local datastore instead of 8 sas drives in raid 10. Also noticed a drop in power draw from the server. :D In regards to my unRAID server, I personally don't NEED a ioDrive to work in unRAID as a cache disk. I already have 2 sata ssds raided in a 2.5" hotswap cage in my Poweredge T410. I want to do it just because i guess. It would free up a 3.5" drive bay that I could use for a array disk location in a hot swap cage. I need to order a couple more ioDrives for my ESXI servers so I may just give this a try when my next order arrives.
  3. I was wondering the same thing. I have yet to try it myself. I purchased a iodrive2 1200 HP branded off eBay last week to try in one of my esxi servers. 1.2tb for $100 solved by problem of installing ssds in the 8 SFF bays in a DL380 G7 with the fans ramping to 75%. would love to use 1 or two of these in my unRaid server for cache. I need to purchase a couple more and I guess i will try it out and report back in a couple weeks.
  4. Odd. I guess it would cause issues if they happened to share the same cpu cores or the ram was over provisioned. I have 3 vms on my machine and shut down one to boot up macosx because they share the same cpu cores.
  5. In regards usb passthrough, I have usb controller passthrough working with my windows vms just fine. When i added one of the controllers to the gui template for macinabox vm + edit the xml side and fire up the vm I get a black screen. GPU passthrough, cpu count, and ram are ok. Any special settings you had to do for usb controller passthrough to work with the mac os vm @SpaceInvaderOne. I followed your video on usb passthrough for my windows vms and it works slick. I was able to passthrough 2 usb controllers from the motherboard to 2 windows vms. One is 4 ports USB3.0 and the other is 2 ports USB3.1. I just connected a 4 port hub to each.
  6. USB Passthrough was a failure. Anyone know how to get that to work? I am able to assign a usb keyboard in the template and using it just fine. My goal is to pass through the entire controller I use when I fire up one of my windows virtual machines. Uploaded the template for the windows bare metal vm I will alternate hardware with. +++ OSK REMOVED +++ Catalina GPU+RAM+CPUCatalina G+M+C+USBwindows vm.rtf
  7. Ok. Ryzen 7 2700x 8 cpu cores pass-though works. I had issues before and don't know why for sure. Instead of selecting cores in the template and adding the custom xml back to the config, I copied the core xml lines from a windows vm that uses the same cores over the the Catalina xml and I am typing this inside a 8 core 16gb ram rx580 vm of Catalina. Next task is usb passthrough. be back soon.
  8. I can report I now have it working fine and it was actually super easy removing the original install of Mojave and starting fresh with Catalina. I have gpu passthrough with my RX 580 and 16gb ram. My next step is to see if I can get a usb controller with mouse and keyboard to pass-though and increase my core count. When I increase my core count with a 2700x to 8,6,4 cores, I get nothing on screen. Going to attempt this shortly and see if I can get it sorted out.
  9. Configured the XML for gpu pass-through with RX 580 and I get a blank screen. GPU pass-through working with Windows vms just fine after a custom kernel by @Leoyzen I have tried with and without V bios also. Macos boots just file and works great with VNC set as display.
  10. SUCCESS!!!! Changing the disk type to RAW in the template fixed my issue. Now what? Can I change the number of cpu cores / ram without causing issues? Willing to try gpu and usb passthrough also.
  11. I have a 500Mbps down connection and solid gigabit thoughout the house. Heck. It could be my ISP acting up. So many variables.
  12. @SpaceInvaderOne I can so far report the download of mojave is much faster this morning. Not sure if its the servers or switching to raw. 20 minutes compared to 1h 20m. Also farther than I was with the last three install attempts. Past the first reboot now.
  13. I had the same issue last night with both vnc viewer and vnc within unraid. The first two times it was offset pretty bad. This morning I am having no issues. I found that shaking the mouse and activating the mac supersized mouse pointer the mouse offset corrected itself temporarily. Web search produced no results. *shrug*
  14. Ill give that a try right now and report back. Thanks