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  1. ok, i finished my one good preclear, removed the extra two drives, and restarted the machine. here are the latest diagnostics. all smart reports claim PASSED -- maybe everything was just the controller being overloaded and all is good? if so, how do i put it back into operation? do i follow the procedure to unassign/reassign it to the array and rebuild onto itself?
  2. omg yikes. could i not just try one of these: SuperMicro AOC-SASLP-MV8 8-port PCIe x4 SATA II Marvell 6480 listed on the section?
  3. anyone know of an option to get 5-6 SATA ports out of a PCIe 4x slot? my case has 8 drive bays; with additional SSDs for cache that's 9-10 devices, so besides the on-board 4 SATA ports i would like to get 5-6 so I can use all the bays...
  4. ugh, what? rats, i thought all i had to do was to avoid Marvell controllers. does LSI even make a PCIe 4x controller? alll the ones i see are 8x and won't fit on a DQ77KB.
  5. is it worth letting the preclear on the 8TB drive finish first, or should i restart now so i can get good SMART reports?
  6. Hi there, I've got a server that's been running fine for about 8 weeks with no problems. I accidentally powered it off three days ago, and finished a successful parity check upon restart (with errors detected). That being resolved, I put in two 8TB WD Red drives into the array and started preclearing them this morning, only to come down with errors on one of my 10TB drives, taking it offline. Is there anything I can do to not replace the 10TB drive, or do I at the very least need to preclear it again for use? If I do need to replace it, once the 8TB drives come online,