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  1. I haven't yet decided whether unRAID will work for me, so apologies if this is a simple question: I'd like to be able to insert a USB drive into my unRAID computer and then have it automatically extract all the data from the drive and put it into the RAID storage. Is this functionality at all possible? This feature would be helpful for my wife.
  2. Apologies! I am painfully new to everything. Can anyone help me piece together my build or point me to a similar build? What I want: Server for backing up and streaming large video files Compact server rack chassis (likely the iStarUSA D-407P but possibly the NORCO RPC-450) Quiet Low/medium power draw Able to hold at least 9 HDs What I have: Four 10 TB HDs (some have yet to be shucked) A 5 HD iStarUSA trayless rack (fills three 5.25" bays) What I need: Motherboard (what will fit in my compact server chassis?) CPU and fan (I'd prefer the cheapest option, but would Intel be more stable?) Memory (I hear that 8GB should be fine, I'd prefer to have ECC since I'll be storing client's videos potentially) SAS / SATA expander things (???) (I don't even know what this is about, but I hear I might need them) Network card (I don't think I need the 10G one) Unraid OS thumb drive or SSD (is there any benefit to running this on an SSD versus a thumb drive?) Additional case fan (I've been told I should replace the loud 80mm case fan in the server chassis) ...more things I don't know about? I'm probably missing something, thanks for your help!