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  1. I've got an existing build that's extremely power hungry. Can anyone offer advice on the easiest way to make it more efficient? The primary use-case has been occasional file backups and 2-3 Plex streams that are usually 1080p -> 720p transcodes, but I want to be able to do more 4K -> 1080p transcodes. The system is completely overpowered now. Current build: CASE: Rosewill 4U server case CPU: Dual Xeon E5-2670 PS: 1100w gold power supply that came with Thinkstation D30 MB: Thinkstation D30 (it's a massive board that's bigger than an EATX) GPU: Quadro P2000 RAM: 64gb ECC HDs: 12TB parity, 4x 10TB data, 2x 1TB SSD cache Current idle power is about 150 watts (!) and with a few transcodes it can spike to 200 watts. How do I make this more efficient? I want to get it down to 40 watts idle, even 60 watts would be great. Do I swap out CPUs? I'm guessing that would bring it down to 80-100w idle? Do I swap out the motherboard, power supply, CPU, and RAM? I'd be fine shelling out $400 or so, but is that just a plug-and-play operation or do I have to rebuild my Unraid entirely? Thanks for your help!
  2. Oh brilliant, thank you, that worked! (I"m obviously a noob here)
  3. Sorry, to clarify, I have been able to make more libraries but I have not found a way to have them scan different TV folders.
  4. I'm trying to create multiple TV libraries with different Shares in my Unraid. Is this possible? One example: I have a Share that's TV - Kids and a Share that's TV. I had previously created a Plex library with the TV share. If I wanted to create a second mutually-exclusive TV Library, how would I do that? I don't see any way to exclude a folder from being scanned, so I couldn't put TV - Kids inside the existing TV Share. CLARIFICATION: I have been able to make these libraries, but when I go to the Settings page in my Plex app in Unraid I only see the option for one TV folder and one Movie folder.
  5. AH, I've answered my own question (or, figured out the right Google terms to find the answer). Here is the answer for others who may be similarly dumb: In short: you'll need to enable SMB things in Windows and then give Unraid the login info for the PC. You'll want to reboot everything to have it take effect.
  6. I feel dumb for not figuring this out! How do I log into the SMB account I created on my LAN? I can see and access my Unraid server on my Network from Windows 10. I can see and access all Shares that are set to Public. I cannot find any way to access the Shares that are set to Private. I cannot find any way to log in to the SMB user that I created with Read/Write access to these files. I did adjust the SMB user settings so that one login has read/write access to all of these files. Thanks!
  7. I haven't yet decided whether unRAID will work for me, so apologies if this is a simple question: I'd like to be able to insert a USB drive into my unRAID computer and then have it automatically extract all the data from the drive and put it into the RAID storage. Is this functionality at all possible? This feature would be helpful for my wife.
  8. Apologies! I am painfully new to everything. Can anyone help me piece together my build or point me to a similar build? What I want: Server for backing up and streaming large video files Compact server rack chassis (likely the iStarUSA D-407P but possibly the NORCO RPC-450) Quiet Low/medium power draw Able to hold at least 9 HDs What I have: Four 10 TB HDs (some have yet to be shucked) A 5 HD iStarUSA trayless rack (fills three 5.25" bays) What I need: Motherboard (what will fit in my compact server chassis?) CPU and fan (I'd prefer the cheapest option, but would Intel be more stable?) Memory (I hear that 8GB should be fine, I'd prefer to have ECC since I'll be storing client's videos potentially) SAS / SATA expander things (???) (I don't even know what this is about, but I hear I might need them) Network card (I don't think I need the 10G one) Unraid OS thumb drive or SSD (is there any benefit to running this on an SSD versus a thumb drive?) Additional case fan (I've been told I should replace the loud 80mm case fan in the server chassis) ...more things I don't know about? I'm probably missing something, thanks for your help!