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  1. I have been using Unraid successfully on my Xeon E3-1245-V3, 32GB Ram, GTX970 GPU and mainly use 1 VM that i remote desktop into when im away and one other usually a Linux distro but it does vary. I use it mainly for PLEX and have twin tuners and multiple drives etc. I am wishing to upgrade that system to an AMD 7 CPU for the core count and sharper performance plusi have a Asus Prime B350-Plus on the shelf. My main question is on the Unraid software, can i just take out from my Intel system and plug directly into the AMD without any problems or would i have to create a new USB and create from scratch. I have already updated the USB drive a month ago so already transferred the license if that complicates anything.
  2. I have the latest Unraid release and would like to clear up some redundant folders/files left over from docker. These are folders like nextcloud, mariadb and other dockers that i have looked at and then removed but they have left all their folders/files even though i removed correctly. I can see them in the Cache folder in windows but unable to delete them.