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  1. Thanks man! Tipped you! Keep up the good work
  2. Also I believe he's asking for a path mapping to a data dir instead of a combination of the data and app files as it it now. Since I back up my app data often I don't want the 20GB of data to be backed up each week too Thanks!
  3. This is normal - late yes but if you have any questions I've been running 3 concurrent games weekly via Foundry!
  4. I thought I was going crazy but I have the exact same issue - I've even removed deluge, and triple checked the ports, restarted the server, docker, etc. The problem is I can't even start the qbit container unless I map port 8080 > 8081, not that there were any conflicts but it's still an issue. I'm assuming you're using either ubiquity tech, or Sab or some other business like I am. EDIT: Okay, so apparently in the Unifi Controller - remapped port 8080 to something else but it's still holding that port as its own... I'm not an adept user so far but app