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  1. I might have messed that up. I uninstalled all of the plugins that I had installed recently. This included unassigned devices and plus. The log has ceased growing. I am leaving town tomorrow for a few days so I think I will leave the system as it is. I will check on it while gone and if it stays stable, I'll reinstall when I return. Thanks for the help, I'll check back next week. Chas
  2. Hello. I saw a thread about plugins not loading but it did not offer any resolutions that I was able to use. I could have missed something, well probably missed something. My memory Log file keeps filling up, it takes about 2 days to reach 100% I reboot and it clears. Once it gets to about 30% my plugin page stops loading, all of the tabs start responding slowly. I have not removed the 6tb drive from my MD1000 it is still listed as 2.2 tb unmountable but it is still attached to the system. Here is the diagnostic. Thanks in advance tower-diagnostics-20200213-1540.zip
  3. I am going to magnify my ignorance here, but what the heck. Can I swap out the controller card without having to format and loose all of the info on the drives ? I am guessing that I can but my guesses haven't proven to be that accurate lately.
  4. If I change controllers on the md10000, what controller do you recommend? Chas
  5. Yes it is on that controler. It is in an MD1000 the ODD part is that there is also a 6tb sas drive in the first bay of the MD1000 Disk #8. At one point I had another 4tb drive in the MD1000 as well. Chas
  6. Ok guy's don't take this the wrong way, I'm not proud of my screwups but this one has got to take the cake. Original install I used a 4 TB parity drive and a bunch of drives 4tb and smaller. Decided to go bigger and switched out to a 6tb parity added a second 6tb drive and wanted/want to include the old 4tb parity drive into the array. Simple right! Not for me, the parity upgrade went perfect, the second 6tb drive added to the array no problem. In order to add the old parity to the array I needed to remove a 350gb drive that was at the back of my array with nothing written to it. I followed directions to shrinking the array, removed the 350 gb rebuilt the parity and all should have been good, right? nope. When I tried to add the 4tb drive, for some reason it keeps wanting to Sync will start Parity-Sync and/or Data-Rebuild if I let it do that it formats itself to 2.2 tb and will not let me add it to the array, it says xfs Unmountable: Unsupported partition layout and shows as a 2.2tb drive I have pulled it and deleted the partition and formatted on a windows machine but it keeps doing the same thing. This just makes no sense. In the end, I am sure that it will be nothing more than operator malfunction but any help is appreciated. Chas tower-diagnostics-20200211-1721.zip
  7. That was tough, step one. disconnect the second controller.
  8. Yes, thank you. I am using an MD1000 with dual controllers I will research steps to use just one. Thank you
  9. Hello, would someone like to help me figure out what idiotic mistake I am making now? I added 5 2tb drives to my array. I pre cleared them and then added them to the array, with no issues. the next day all 5 drives showed up in unassigned devices again but with different id's. The array seems to be fine, I doubt if these phantom drives are hurting anything but they shouldn't be there and I'm enough of a screw up that having them there opens the door to some horrible operator malfunctions. Any suggestions are appreciated.
  10. Thank you, I followed the instructions and the drives are removed, now in 17 hours, I'll see if it fixes my issues (parity rebuild 17 hrs) Thanks again. Chas
  11. How do I remove that disk, there was nothing on it? Chas
  12. tower-diagnostics-20200114-0706.zip I started the parity check last night, it is still running but it does show a failed drive. CHas
  13. It says it is, however the last check was aborted, should I run a check?