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  1. I love the plugin system and how easy it is to extend the OS for pretty much anything you'd want. Personally would love to see ZFS or multiple arrays as an option! iSCSI, I can't decide!
  2. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Lot-of-10-LSI-SAS3081E-R-8-port-Internal-SATA-SAS-3Gb-s-RAID-Controller-Card/172523978778?hash=item282b3b001a:g:em4AAOSwA2hdm4iY:sc:USPSPriority!66619!US!-1 Would these be worth getting and flashing to IT mode? If not can anyone recommend cheap HBA's I know these don't support 6Gb/s but my HDD's only hit around 130MB/s anyways. Also I've migrated unRAID to a different board an ASRock Z77 Extreme 4 my buddy gave me. It's got 4 SATA 2 ports and 4 SATA 3 ports onboard. I've stuck in my old 3570k and it seems to be chugging along pretty happily so far. I don't think I'm going to be doing the VM's like I did before. I may just use a baremetal hypervisor and store my VM's on unRAID and stream across the network. But anyways. I'm looking for a solid HBA maybe with a SAS expander I can get in the margins of cheap and good. With an ideal spending around $60-80. Also I'm looking at getting a 2.5" Hotswap bay. https://www.newegg.com/icy-dock-mb326sp-b-6-x-2-5-sata-6gbps-sas-hdd-ssd-mobile-rack-cage-in-1-x-5-25-bay/p/N82E16817198068?Item=9SIAFJ8A1A7397 Is what I'm looking at but I also found this https://www.newegg.com/athena-power-bp-15287sac-other/p/N82E16816119044?Description=athena power 2.5 8 sata&cm_re=athena_power_2.5_8_sata-_-16-119-044-_-Product I've heard great things about Icy Dock but I've never heard of Athena Power before. I'm thinking of getting an HBA with the Athena Dock but not ever hearing of a company makes me wary >.> Anyways thanks for putting up with me and helping me despite my being an askhole >.<
  3. Well not all the drives will be running at once but >.< I hate having a stupid budget. I think I may split it across multiple machines in different locations on different plugins with separate surge-supressors... may even ask my mom if I can put up a small machine and sync it at her house so should I ever have a fire it's "safe" No way am I going to throw all the drives in one machine. This way I have several backup drives should I lose one until I have more than a tiny $200 budget. Also It was kind of an ADHD impulse buy... Kinda like the 10TB I managed to get new for cheap with it... still trying to explain that one to the wife X-D
  4. So... Me being the cheap... person... I am, I found someone on the /r/DataHoarder/ Subreddilt that was looking to get rid of a bunch of 500GB hard drives... They had 62 2.5" drives and 12 3.5" drives SO... I might of bought 20 drives for $120... I'm doing half now and half after I check the drives on arrival. I know there's no warranty on them but I'm feeling like gambling. Plus the 2.5" drives are WD Black drives. The only reason I ever swapped my 320GB WD Black drives was b/c they were replaced with 500GB ones... Wish me luck! *crosses fingers this wasn't a totally dumb idea*
  5. I'm tempted I must admit... however I'd be concerned about long term reliability (since they're external drives vs NAS drives) and voiding warranty if they did crap out since I pulled them from the enclosure. Idk if my original issue is because I was using "regular" drives or just b/c I had a hodgepodge of random old hardware thrown into my unRAID server >.<
  6. I currently have an unRAID basic build with SuperMicro x8dtl-3f Intel x5650 x2 48 DDR3 1333 ECC FB RAM 500GB x5 Drives of various types 256GB SSD cache I have these drives thrown in here and most are throwing SMART errors from old age and some are starting to fail SMART with bad sectors. I have disconnected all drives and have stopped using things just to keep things from getting worse... I've considered getting different drives from Amazon/Newegg and am looking at WD Red drives. Benefits/Drawbacks between different plans.... I won't be able to spend money for a while as I've got kid #3 with an ETA of December so I'm looking at long term reliability and upgrade-ability. I'm probably going to pull all drives but those that are listing as healthy once I move their data to the new drive(s) Different things I've considered Option 1 WD Red 4TB x2 $100x2 = Full Budget Option 2 WD Red 2TB x2 with Unraid Pro Upgrade ($63x2) + $79 =$205 Could Probably talk the wife into $5 over the budget... maybe Option 3 WD Red 2TB x2 with Unraid Plus ($63x2) + $39 = $165 Under budget by $35 maybe get another 240GB SSD for Cache or to dedicate to Games Share only? Option 4 WD Red 3TB x2 with Unraid Plus ($78x2) + $39 = $195 That's $5 under budget = Happy wife! Option 5 WD Red 1TB x3 with Unraid Plus ($55x3) + $39 = $204 I know I'd kinda screw myself on long term upgrades but I'm thinking more drives would give me a bit less downtime If a drive died vs if I only had parity and 1 in array and I lost one? Option 6 Your Ideas here? Oh and the usage is kind of a general purpose system. I use it as a NAS, Plex Media Server, VM machines, Docker, all the good stuff lol. Thanks in advance, I've also considered getting Amazon Recertified drives with warranties but I'm nervous about trusting them has anyone had any experience with them? I've also got the option of going to MicroCenter this upcoming weekend and I've heard they'll sometimes pricematch other places. I mention this because I've heard their warranties are amazing! Edit* I forgot to mention How badly am I going to be limited by the older HBA of this motherboard? Oh crap I just realized the SAS1068E is not on the "not recommended" list b/c of the lack of support for drives Over 2.2TB Would I have the same issues with the SATA ports onboard? This is my exact motherboard, Yes I know it's ancient tech but it's mine lol https://www.supermicro.com/products/motherboard/QPI/5500/X8DTL-3F.cfm