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  1. I was afraid someone would say that. Thank you. Sent from my ONEPLUS A6003 using Tapatalk
  2. Hey all. Fix common problems popped up with an error on one of my disks with a read error. I looked at the smart report but quite honestly I'm not as clever as you guys this is all quite new to me and it's all gobledygook to me. I would appreciate someone taking a look at the diagnostic file and giving me some advice on what's going on if it's a big issuee and what a sensible course of action would be. Thanks guys. alpha-smart-20200607-1613.zip
  3. Hello all. Forgive the new topic my phone won't allow me to post a new diagnostics file onto my old thread about a similar thing and I don't have access to my computer at the moment. In the last few days my server keeps becoming unreachable and going offline requiring a power cycle to come online again. The server goes offline anywhere from a few mins to 24 hours after reboot with nothing I have noticed in usage pattern when it happens. Fix common problems has also been popping up saying machine check events have been occuring. In posting a previous diagnostics file someone suggested it could be a power issue. I had a new PSU around I had been meaning to change into it anyway for a while so swapped that out but night again it went offline. Any help would be appreciated. alpha-diagnostics-20200531-0804.zip
  4. Thanks I had a spare PSU kicking around so incase that was throwing a bit of a wobbly I changed it out but again over night I got another message saying machine check error events and woke up to the server being unreachable.
  5. Hello hive mind. Since last night my server keeps going offline, unreachable and unable to ping. I have had to power cycle it then it does the same within a few mins of starting up again. On a startup just (longest it has stayed online for) it has just come up in fix common as Machine Check Error and said i should post my diagnostics on here. I did have a little issue a few months ago where the cache was becoming unwriteable that turned out to be a ram issue which has since been replaced. Dont know if its connected just posting for more background. Anyhow, attached is my diagnostics. alpha-diagnostics-20200528-1356.zip
  6. Thank you, I shall do that as soon as i have a spare minute.
  7. Ahh yeah that might help. Thanks alpha-diagnostics-20200220-1136.zip
  8. Hello hive mind, I have been having a bit of an issue with my Unraid server. For the third time now I have had this error come up 'Unable to write to cache: drive mounted read only or is completely full' The first time it happened was following a bit of a power blip at my house so thought that may have been the cause that was about 6 months ago now, but its now happened twice in 8 days so something somewhere isn't happy, but i have no idea where to look or what to look for. To fix it each time all i have done is reformat the cache drive and restored my app data backups to it and happy days, but i would rather i got to the bottom of whats causing it. Any advice much appreciated.
  9. Did you manage to sort this all out in the end David, seems i am running into the same issues.