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  1. I'm new to unRaid and Minecraft. I installed this server today. My kids were enthralled and naturally want to play with their little 4th grade friends. So how do I go about exposing this server to the little kidos without screwing myself? Obviously VPN isn't an option.
  2. I'm new to UnRaid. I'd like to understand the benefits of running UnRaid as a VM on ESXi now that UnRaid can also support KVM VMs. Also, based on what I've read on the forums, it seems like passing through a PCI HBA to UnRaid is a recommended approach. I have an supermicro sc846 and now sure if it is possible to have two PCI HBA cards since my understanding is that the HBA card connects to the backplane and the drives connect to the backplane. Has anyone with an sc846 been able to do this?
  3. Except the E5-2630L is both lower power and also higher passmark than the E5-2620. Cost difference is minimal.