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  1. I have a similar issue with all of my disks ..... see my thread "Unresponsive server & Disk activty" I will watch to see what people come back to you with.
  2. Hi, Yes i have that plug in and it shows a number of files but if i read it right they are all on the cache drive, there are almost none, or none that are accessing a drive called \\mnt\ but maybe i just dont know how to read it properly, and if i did what to do about it. I will go and take another look at the info on the plugin but i dont remember any details about how to read or interpret the output for those who are not so technical? Edit: Hmmm maybe i have the open file plugin and this is something different. Will try it out when home and give it a go and report back. Thanks for the hint. Edit 2 - I tried the open files plugin but nothing shows up there but the disks are still spun up - this is confusing ..... Edit 3: So i have the open files plugin running. I stopped docker and after a few mins all disks were spun up again? i have been watching the open files and so far, in over 3 hours the only access has been crashplan on one disk, about 3 hours ago. Disks are set to spin down after 15 mins. They are all currently showing as active and it seems nothing is accessing them !!! Could it be something else or does anyone have any further hints?
  3. Sorry to bump but been trying different things as got no replys. So i stopped all of my dockers with the exception of crashplan, this i set to only back up once per day for an hour as not much changes on the server other than to get a backup of my key file changes each day and this sends them off site. I went into the disk settings and set each disk to spin down after 15 mins rather than setting to "default" and having the default at 30 mins just to try something different. After my hard reset to get the server back i made these changes and all the disks were inactive. Now when i get my daily report they are all active again, all of the time and this meand they are all sitting there spinning away and keeping warm for what i can see as no reason. I dont want to stop docker as that kind of defeats the point, i have everythin g as far as i know running of the cache disk rather than a spinning disk but still they keep on going?? Any guidance or things to check appreciated. This is not doing any real harm i dont think but it should not be like this and i would like to resolve, or at least understand.
  4. Hi. It seems that my disks remain "active" all of the time which makes them warm/hot all of the time. I have tried doing disk spindown but either that does not work or they are pretty soon back as active. i tried shutting most things down but its still the same. I have tried to see why using the tools / open files but to be honest that does not tell me what is keeping the disks active. My server is pretty much where i keep all my backups but it is not used for anything else so its not being used hard or accessed much other than to send offsite my crashplan stuff My server became unresponsive today from my computer and would not repsond to SSH commands. I could SSH into it but nothing else. I issues reboot commands and shutdown commands but these did nothing to the server, you can see them in the log but it just sat there. You can also see i reset my router and reset my network switch to try to kick it back into life. Before i did a hard reset i got my diagnostics which are attached Can anyone see why 1) my disks always seem to be active 2) why the system became unresponsive tower-diagnostics-20170310-1041.zip
  5. +1 for the crashplan docker. This has recently been updated so everything is inside 1 docker container (you dont need the crashplan desktop container any more). Put it in, selct your files / folders to back up and just let it get on with it - but do double check the recovery options every now and again so you can confirm updates are happening (lesson from recent experience of everything looking perfect but no update really happening for a few months !)
  6. Hi. I was having problems to connect to the crashplan desktop and was hunting in the forum for any solutions. I found and did this update and it works brilliant - thank you very much gfjardim :-) I had a big problem with adopting my old backup when i loaded this to my server and after several weeks and limited support from code42 i have had to start again - and as my backup was over 1TB its going to take some time, happy i was not !! no fault of the docker i must add. Can i suggest you go to the docker sticky where all of the containers repositories are listed and make an update as the old docker is there with the crashplan desktop which is no longer needed. Maybe an edit to the OP would also help a loot of people who are hunting around like me? Thanks again to all of the really helpful key members here
  7. Just added an update for info as still struggling with files "looking like they are backing up" but are not available for recvoery since day 1 of setting up on UnRaid.
  8. Hi - I need to cross check this before i go further and drive myself more crazy ..... The dates i am seeing within Crashplan for backups are confusing me and i do not know if they are right or wrong?? Everything seems to be working correctly. I can backup from my PC to a set of backup folders on UnRaid and then i have crashplan set to move these to crashplan central. Backup runs as sceduled and then says "backup complete" Now if i go into "restore" in the descktop client and browse to a file i know has been changed and then updated it has a "last backed up date" which is the date the header folder was modified and not the date the file was editied e.g. the folder date is 22/11/15 and so is the file even though i know the file was backed up on the 16/01/16. If i go to the crashplan code42 website and log in, go into the restore option and browse to the same file i can select the file on the 16/01/16 as a recovery option even though the file has a date of the header folder. Dpes all of this sound correct as it is very mkjisleading or do i have a problem and crashplan is updating the file every day but its selecting somhow and old file (although i have no idea where this might be coming from?? I have double checked my settings, i have checked the selection of files and folders, forced a new backup and nothing seems to change this situation. Can someone check how their file dates look and maybe suggest some solutions to what is going on it this is not how things should be functioning please Edit: i have added a doc to try to show the date issue. Edit: Thought i would add an update as i got no response here but i am still discussing with Crashplan. I have been told the issue is to do with the selection i have made does not include the files in question and so they have been removed during their system maintenance. I have got back to them to show the files are in the selection, that i can add and edit files on my PC and these are replicated to my UnRaid server and this location is included in the overall backup selection. backup runs, can see several hundred files, does the backup, says all is done 100% etc - perfect you would think - except when i go into recovery there are no files to recover that are newer than the date i set this all up and adopted my old PC backup. i know the files are in a different location etc but they are clearly within the selection. I am waiting to find out how best to get these files to be included into the backup again as there is 1.2TB of astuff and it all seems screwed up and i do not want to start again. I have asked if changing the machine ID would work to kick it off and to readopt etc - there has to be a way to get them included again !! What is frustrating is that everything looks perfect on the backup side and i would never have known if i had not done a check to see what was recoverable - so maybe go and look as for several weeks i though things were fine and they were a long way from being so. Maybe if there is no joy i just start again - but what a waste !!! EDIT - OK so i got no answers here and the support from crashplan was pretty lame. They said in effect once you have deselected something from a backup you cannot add it back in. Also seems if you do not do the adoption correctly it will not pick up the same files again but in a different location. The end result was a screwed up backup from which i would never be able to recover. And so now everything is starting again and i have a wasted, useless 1TB plus of a backup which took many many weeks to get into place. Its a good tool but support was very lacking this time and it seems no one here was able to help either. Lesson is BE VERY CAREFUL what you do with migration, adoption and adding and deleting items from your backup selection in crashplan as it seems once you have an issue there are very few escape routes ! Folder_and_file_dates.pdf
  9. Thanks for the clarification, will give your test a try but i would not have found that myself, i was going round in circles trying to find where this other folder kept coming from - it makes looking at the files seem strange to see 2 of everything and not seen any notes about that anywhere. Thanks again
  10. You could also use midnight commander (MC after login) I like it as it gives a good overview of what is where - just be careful as it does not ask "are you really sure ...." but it is effective. I think you can also run it in screen if there is a lot to do and you dont want to be waiting around.
  11. Anyone any ideas why 2 duplicated entries in the Events folder?
  12. Thanks dlandon. Reset now to 5fps and also found the filter and set so i dont get a file size overflow. I set it to a fairly low level as i need the disk space for other things, i can adjust as i go along as currently i am just setting this up and the camera is still inside - weekend job to mount it outside when i know it all talks together. So now just need someone who has some idea about how this double entry in events is coming about. i did think about doing a removal of the docker, cleaning everything and starting again now i know the settings but i dont have confidence that i will not get the same things back. there must be a way to clear out the unused (and that i cannot find anywhere) reference that is making a single camera write to 2 different folders at the same time??
  13. Thanks for the quick replies. I am going to change to 5fps as that should be more than enough to just monitor the front of the house. Will lookk for the limit setting as that would, as you said, replace the need to do the manual cleaning and if that is the case no need to change the default location. I also read it was not so straight forward. So now its just why i have 2 duplicate events folders seeming to come from the same monitor under differetn names and doubling everything that is generated - i have it set to modect as i only want it to record events and not act as a monitor to view all of the time
  14. I have it set to 10fps, seems to work ok at that rate. I did have it higher but the whole setup could not cope. I will consider setting it down to 5fps if it becomes a pain. The location of the files is not a big issue if its not so simple to move as i will just keep it clear on a regular basis. The issue of having 2 duplicate events folders being written to means i am doubling everything so this is the priority to fix. I just double checked i have only 1 monitor set up called "home front", i have no idea where this "1" folder comes from or how to get rid of it - it is an exact mirror of the monitor folder i have set up and is recreated if i get rid of everything and then trigger and event. Thanks
  15. Hi. I installed the zoneminder docker and after some effort managed to get my IP camera working in the gui just fine. I created a new camera "home_front" and this is now capturing events so all seems good so far, just 2 small issues i need help to resolve. 1. In the "events" folder i have a folder beinge generated called "1" and a folder called "home_front" but all event images are being captured to both folders exactly the same and so doubling the stored data. I only have 1 monitor installed, only one listed in the gui etc so i cannot see where or why i am getting this other "1" folder and data from - how do i get rid of it so data that is written relates to the monitor i have added? 2. The amount of data can get quite high and quickly. Is there a quick and simple way to make the "events" data get written to somewhere other than its current folder as its filling the /cache/appdata/ quickly. I did some searches but all of the responses seemed to be quite involved command line kind of thing rather than just a simple cariable to change? Many thanks in advance