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  1. Hi communtity, I updated my unRAID from 6.8.1 to 6.8.2. All my drives are encrypted (with a Passphrase). After Upgrade when I enter de Passphrase, I got an error, because I used Illegal Letters (ASCII) Can I downgrade to change the Keyfile? I dont want to loose all my DATA PS: I have a backup of the USB-Stick before the Update was started! Regards Johannes
  2. Answer: You need two seperated User Shares, one for the Cache-only 1.vdisk, one for the second vdisk (Array only) To copy the files from Cache only share to Array only share, you have to run the following command: "gcp /mnt/cache/domains/Windows10 /mnt/user0/secondVdiskArray -g" ("gcp .... -g" only if you have installed the copy and move plugin!) If you don't have the plugin, run: "cp /mnt/cache/domains/Windows10 /mnt/user0/secondVdiskArray" (Important to choose /mnt/user0 (Array only) because: /mnt/user = Array & Cache! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Question: Hello Community, i run in some issues with my VM's: I have two Windows VM'S. Each of them have two vdisks, one for the OS and one for the Programs/Games... I have a SSD Cache (Raid1; each SSD 480GB) where I would like to locate the primary vdisk (OS) of each VM. The secondary vdisk (Programs) I want to locate on the array. I selected manualy the path for each vdisk. Primary: /mnt/cache/domains/Windows10/vdisk1.img Secondary: /mnt/user/domains/Windows10/vdisk2.img But now I have the issue, that every vdisk is located on the Cache (without configuring it?) Now my Cache runs out of free space Windows VM 1: primary vdisk: 150GB (should be on SSD) secondary vdisk: 1000GB (should be on Array) Windows VM2: primary vdisk: 150GB (should be on SSD) secondary vdisk: 500GB (should be on Array) I set the domains share to SSD only (is this correct?) Can I change the location of the secondary vdisk without distroying the Data on it? (because I have the second vdisk on array and SSD with same size, I don't know why) Thank you Johannes