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  1. I have another problem right now: When I go to my profile I got the following error: actual server - not connected to mothership?? What does that mean? I also get an error, that the Flash backup file doesn't work, why? In the settings/managing access menu I see that the backup is active? Best regards johannes
  2. I solved my issue. Changing the ident.cfg in /boot/config/ solved it, but only after the reboot Thank you
  3. I use the internal IP-Adresss to make the changes. (but I also tried from remote, without any success) I tried this, without success. I also tried to change the ident.cfg in /boot/config/ without success.
  4. I checked the tabs, only one open. Furthermore I tried another browser and deleting the cache and the incognito tab, without any improvement. I have a reverse proxy on port 443, but I can't change the unraid management-port to e.g. 10443, because I can't save the changes no problem, I have time
  5. Thx for the reply. Here the screenshot
  6. Hello, I just wanted to configure the plugin. But I realized, that I have to allow the remote access first (e.g. via https 10443). So I went into "management access" in the settings tab. Then I tried to change some of the values e.g. "Use SSL/TLS", "HTTP port", "HTTPS port", "Local TLD" but nothing changed after clicking on "apply". Nothing happens until I refreshed the hole browser-tab. Now any changes have been discard. Can you please support me? Best regards Johannes
  7. You can close this request. The qcow2 worked, but the Kernel Panic error is from the VM inside, not from unRAID. Thank you
  8. Thanks for your feedback. I tried this, but the vm would not start right. I tried Seabios and changed the lines in XML. But when I start the vm there is a kernel panic error
  9. Hello, is there a way to deploy a *.ovf or a *.qcow2? I looked it up, but nothing helped. If there is a way, can you tell me how to configure, please? Thank You
  10. Hello craftsman, Thanks 4 your feedback! I will check this out, enable bonding on ETH0 and then I will give feedback here
  11. Hello community, I configured a 802.3ad (with two Interfaces, ETH1+ETH2) between my unRAID Server and my Firewall (Fortigate). First everything worked as it should. I enabled bonding and bridging. I added VLANs, configured a DHCP on my firewall (for some VLANs) and the Link was constant up. But when I restart the unRAID Server, the Link doesn't come up again. Then I have to start unRAID in Safe mode with GUI, go to Network Settings, and then I have to unselect ETH1 in the bonding, and reselect it again, then press apply and then the Link is up again. I have to do this procedure aft
  12. Hi communtity, I updated my unRAID from 6.8.1 to 6.8.2. All my drives are encrypted (with a Passphrase). After Upgrade when I enter de Passphrase, I got an error, because I used Illegal Letters (ASCII) Can I downgrade to change the Keyfile? I dont want to loose all my DATA PS: I have a backup of the USB-Stick before the Update was started! Regards Johannes
  13. Answer: You need two seperated User Shares, one for the Cache-only 1.vdisk, one for the second vdisk (Array only) To copy the files from Cache only share to Array only share, you have to run the following command: "gcp /mnt/cache/domains/Windows10 /mnt/user0/secondVdiskArray -g" ("gcp .... -g" only if you have installed the copy and move plugin!) If you don't have the plugin, run: "cp /mnt/cache/domains/Windows10 /mnt/user0/secondVdiskArray" (Important to choose /mnt/user0 (Array only) because: /mnt/user = Array & Cache! ----------------------------------------