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  1. Hello was there an update last night or this morining? I was watching till pretty late last night, 3am, then went to bed. This morning everything is gone. All libraries, everything. I tried to log in only to see the default set up page... I have had Emby running on my server for years with no issues, now everything is gone. Appdata shows nothing for libraries it seems like all the DB were deleted along with all settings... The docker setup is the only thing not missing, it is still correct. Is there a way to recover, and moreover what happened?
  2. The best thing about Unraid is its Accessibility for the masses via Secure Array storage, various Docker apps, or VM operation, Unraid enables users to make their server anything they need it to be. Not many systems can claim that and especially not at Limetechs price point... I have been running spinners for years, and use array drives as secondary for my VMs; OSes are unassigned SSD's. I'd like to start using SSD array storage, (ie speed) in 2020, this would render unassigned VM drive allocation moot and yield rather fast large "VM drives", great for running multiple 80GB+ games
  3. Hello all, I Used the Noctua fans without the cages, I also did not splice the fans but ran them to the main board for speed control.
  4. Hello, glad to hear you got started!! Link looks good same as I bought.. I just used slightly larger screws and “tapped” the HD enclosure fan mount holes for a tight fit.. Ask away I’ll answer as fast as I can... To Gary’s point the PC-80b was the case I was originally looking for... Just be patient and take your time, plan it out before fully zipping everything down. Cheers!!!
  5. Hello, the system is fine, just ensure you keep it dusted, normal maintenance. Running smooth no issues. Thanks good luck with your build.
  6. Thanks, she has been great about the whole thing, but after 12 years she kind of understands I just do... I tell people I ask for forgiveness not really permission... That being said when she came back from Japan in Aug. and saw a new Sony Projector hanging from the ceiling, all I got was a long hooneeey, to which I replied sorry but it was on sale!! Suffice to say its still hanging from the ceiling.. YMMV, CHEERS!
  7. Everything has been trucking along quite well with the server. Nothing really new to report. About 56% utilization of the storage space. I have been playing with WD Gold 10TB Drives on my gaming rig, not as slow as I thought they would be so I will go that route when I reach about 80%. XFS should have been done along time ago on my part. LVNW.
  8. The on board sata ports are not all the same speed, also, off loading the processing needed to move data is better served from the controllers on board processor.
  9. I honestly think it depends on what one is trying to achieve with their build. VM gaming go gaming board, 24/7 server, buy server class hardware. Not the best answer but it is my philosophy.
  10. So there were some issues bringing back up the VM's So I had to rebuild them. Two Windows 10, one runs as a Remote DVR, an Ubuntu instance, Fedora, ReactOS, and an old Windows 7 for testing. The other Win10 Runs my den HTPC, that was the painful one as it runs Kodi and Advanced Emulator Launcher so I had to reinstall and setup all of my games again, 65, plus hundreds of legacy emulated console Roms. I did have a backup of Kodi though so that was a small win. I actually finished last night since my prior post a while ago... On the server side it runs much better with XFS, No longer
  11. I too have an old 4220 v1 and will fit without issues. You can fit a house in the 4220.
  12. The copy finished this morning. I find the system much faster when browsing the shares. I also added the unassigned drive back, it was used as the swap drive. Tonight after work ill copy back over the VM image and XML then fire up the plugins and dockers. Since my box chews through parity checks I set it to run this morning. Why not... The mirror drive copy process retains parity but thats a lot of data transfered, and although im on a UPS, we did have a brown out. Might as well run the check. Cheers!!