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  1. The container shuts down after it give the No GPU error.
  2. Here is the install log for 21.10 Log.txt
  3. Thanks for the suggestion. I've now tried 20.20, 20.45. 20.50, and 21.10. I have installed radeontop and I do not have the VC stubbed to anything. Any other suggestions??
  4. Anyone have this container working with a 6700 XT? If so what drivers do you use
  5. Would you recommend a different allocation method to spread the files out better.
  6. Which logs do you want specifically?? I'm doing almost all my disk usage on the following 2 shares. unyota-diagnostics-20191118-0037.zip
  7. All Shares are set the same as well. Thanks for the help
  8. I'm having a similar issue and have followed everything in this thread with no solution. All 5 drives have been in since setup but nothing will go to Disk 5