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  1. @itimpi I don't think this is a good experience. I just sorted my dock containers, and then I clicked the sort button on the docker UI then I lost my sort. Maybe adding an auto start order field is a good choice. looks like
  2. Although it can be setup through script, it will be an exciting feature if it can be set through UI
  3. Support provision form China network environment. In China the ISP do not allow to access the port of 80/443/8080 in personal network. China is a huge market. I believe it will benefit many people
  4. @JorgeB please help me to figure out. thanks
  5. I want to know am I need to change the disk?
  6. The old version there is only one select
  7. No. Why just one device in usb list but there have two select option
  8. I think M1 mac mini is a good solution for me. It have a good energy efficiency / good noise.