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  1. Hi, I think what you mean are the data for the server you are connected to. But what I want to achieve is to set the "exit" from the VPN. Usually it's used to fake your location, let's say to get better access to Netflix or something. EDIT I read through the NordVPN Pages and it seems that what you wrote ist generally the way for it. However. When I use a configuration file from Switzerland the Container receives an IP from there. But when using "checkmyipaddress" with a "testTorrent" I'm presented a UK based IP. Strange.
  2. Hi, there. Still not finished with the OpenVPN-Client. ;-( Is there a way to submit the Variable "NORDVPN_COUNTRY" ? I tried to do that as additional Host key but is has no effect. Any ideas ?
  3. Ok. Thanks again and ..... "Guten Appetit"
  4. Hi, thanks for the Fast Response (nix zu tun am Feiertag ? :-)). Regarding the Container.... That's why I wrote "your Package of ... ". Anyway. Where do I habe to add (-f"").
  5. Hi, I just installed your "package" of the openvpn-client. It seems to work as I could check my ip with "curl" in the container. I've just two questions because I can't read it anywhere. Does this container reconnect itself ? And if connection is lost ... will it disconnect the internal (docker) connected containers, so they can't use an unprotected connection ? THX
  6. Hi, I already tired that. But I'm not sure I did everything right because the description in the according threat isn't clear to me. At least I don't can identify in his kenrel-helper plugin if I'm using a self compiled kernel. What I did is to set the parameters, start the docker and a t the end copied the files from the Beta Output directory to "/boot". At least I the card is still unusable after shutting down a VM and trying to start another.
  7. Hi, not to bother you and more like "FYI". when I tired you kernel with Beta35 it didn't work due to something related with "dm driver" and "version" problems. But OK. Take you time. I totally understand that. Greetz
  8. Hi, will you (Thor2002ro) build this kernel against the current RC1 ? I'm asking because of the AMD Reset Bug (RX5500) I'm suffering from.
  9. Hi there, I'm also in that boat. I'm curious if there is a solution for the RX5500 ? I know that ICH777 provides a separate kernel-build procedure, but I don't see that it includes the RX5500. I also tried the Reset procedure "Spaceinvader One" showed in his video, But this left the machine in a undefined state (maybe you have to shutdown ALL machines before putting the Power Button). But this wouldn't generally be not a good solution. In additionI tried "Thor2002ro" kernel on the beta35 but they didn'T fit (something with related to md version when I rmember correc
  10. Hi, what do you mean ? It's a zip with several files
  11. Hi there, I'm running it on a Gigabyte Aorus Elite x570 (Ryzen 3900x). After the upgrade to 6.9 and the first (hot) reboot everything seemed to be OK. But later after a complete shutdown and new booting I've lost the LAST two of my six onboard SATA Ports. The only thing I found is via dmesg [ 26.870874] ata1: SATA max UDMA/133 abar m2048@0xf6400000 port 0xf6400100 irq 62 [ 26.871205] ata2: SATA max UDMA/133 abar m2048@0xf6400000 port 0xf6400180 irq 63 [ 26.871205] ata3: DUMMY [ 26.871206] ata4: DUMMY [ 26.871208] ata5: SATA max U
  12. I already read that about VMs and was hoping for a solution. But what about these docker issues ?
  13. Hi there, maybe I didn't search the right way but I couldn't find the answer although I'm sure not to be the only one having such issues. Anyhow .... VMs I'm using debian (and ROON ROCK what seems to be based on debian) for my VMs and can't get them up without changing the network to "e1000-82545em". Every time I do a modification on those machines I have to change the network settings again manually in the ".xml" Docker I have some containers which have additional default settings I don't need (for example "transmission-openvpn"). But I need
  14. Hi, to be honest I don't understand why so many drivers already included in the mainline kernel aren't included in UNRAID in the first place. They are maintained by the kernel developers ... so no effort for this. Is this such a huge security risk ? At least for DVB drivers I don't see how they would harm the system.