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  1. Thank you. I was struggling with this for a few days. I figured I'd just wait for an update for the docker or something and didn't really want to bother going back to separate server and node dockers. Changing node IP to localhost was the trick. 👍
  2. Hello, what command should I be using to shutdown unraid? I have looked at /sbin/poweroff but unraid documentation says it is not sufficient or deprecated. Should I be using shutdown -f ? Does it safely shutdown unraid? To elaborate my UPS doesn't play nicely with unraid and loses USB connection every few minutes which causes it to not shutdown properly with APC or NUT. As a workaround I'm writing a script that pings a few devices every minute on my network and if successful pings aren't received for 10min or so, then run a shutdown command for unraid to shutdown in the event of a power failure. Thanks for any input.
  3. I also have this issue. Started happening about every 3 days after upgrading from 6.8.3 to 6.9.1. I'm now on 6.9.2. I also installed the 'My Servers' Plugin at the same time thinking that might have been part of the issue. A reboot always gets me back up and running but this is getting silly. A list of things for me to try over the next few days are: run a check disk on the usb drive double check that the drive is in a usb2 port remove the server from UPS in case it is some sort of power issue try a different usb drive I'm eager to hear from other people about this.
  4. One thing I like most about Unraid is that it works way better than openmediavault and has less hardware requirements than FreeNAS. One thing I would like to see added is Trim support for SSD arrays.