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  1. Anyway I can use this without a subdomain or dns? I would like to generated certs for my local for my local bitwarden docker. I followed invaders video replacing the portion to with no luck
  2. I think I have make headway. I made the cert.pem and key.pem files and added them to the SSL folder. I then opened the console for the container and pasted: docker run -d --name bitwarden \ -e ROCKET_TLS='{certs="/ssl/certs.pem",key="/ssl/key.pem"}' \ -v /ssl/keys/:/ssl/ \ -v /bw-data/:/data/ \ -p 443:80 \ bitwardenrs/server:latest But in the log I get: [start][INFO] Rocket has launched from But I need it to start on Edit: Is "-v /bw-data/:/data/ \" correct for this specific docker? I think both
  3. I guess I just need a way to make the two .pem files that are self signed and put them into the ssl folder? Or am I way off?
  4. Hello everyone, I have bitwardenrs installed on my unraid server and all set up. I have smtp setup, etc. When I go to login I get the "This browser requires HTTPS to use the web vault, Check the bitwarden_rs wiki for details on how to enable it." After reading through this I see that this is meant to be ran with a reverse proxy. Is there a way to set this up locally? I don't want to use a dns. I would like to be able to just enter the dockers ip to access. I tried reading through and figuring out the cert stuff, but this is a little over my head. Could some
  5. Hey all I know this might be a long shot but is there anyway I can have IPv4 and IPv6 in unraid. My problem is my ISP supplies me a dual stack lite for my internet access so there is no way for me to open ports to access some of my dockers remotely via IPv4. I understand this isn't a problem with IPv6. What I would like is everything to use IPv4 with the exception of nextcloud, bitwarden, etc.. so I can access them remotely. Is this possible? Both my IPv4 and IPv6 would need to be passed to unraid via VLANs: VLAN40 & VLAN50? I am no networkin
  6. I'm not able to get to the web ui so far, I am sure I am doing something wrong, here is my setup: LOG: Starting PHP-fpm Starting Apache Starting mariaDB 2020-12-15 7:23:57 0 [Note] mysqld (mysqld 10.3.25-MariaDB-0+deb10u1) starting as process 223 ... Starting Redis Starting Cron Starting Postfix System config value trusted_domains => 1 set to string System config value trusted_domains => 6 set to string Provisioning Provisioning Redis password Updating NextCloud config with Redis password Provisioning MariaDB password Updating NextCloud config with M
  7. Ended up having to start over on the configuration thankfully I knew my drive order. Hope that never happens again. I now have the flash drive backing up to two different places. I have no clue how I deleted that config folder. Got plex back up and my main VM. Now the long process to figure out how to set all my dockers up again
  8. Hi all, I was backing up my unraid boot flash drive and somehow deleted my config folder The server is still running and all VMs/dockers seem to be functioning correctly. But I have no unraid webgui, it just shows the unraid logos with no working tabs or data. I am afraid to restart the server, I still have access to all the unraid root folders through windows 10 right now. What are my options to restore that config folder? I was trying to back the flash drive up to prevent this situation but I ended up being the issue
  9. Hi all, I have been trying to set up my vlans. I have everything configured on my ER12 and have confirm working with a managed switch and a couple of VMs. I have enabled the VLAN option and created them in network settings and configured them in the docker tab. The problem I am having is that if I select a docker to use br0.10 it will assign which is correct but when I look at my leases on my router there is no lease for this IP? Did I do something wrong? Also on another note if I assign more than 3 VLANs (4 for instance), I have br
  10. @Frank1940 Ah I see, so no overclocking, I can manage that. Does unraid have support for factory turbo boosting? I don't believe my system is boosting at all
  11. Hey guys I am trying to get my VM to recognize my overclock. I ran a -0.0875 under-volt that ran at a constant 4.2ghz when I did not have unraid. I still run it this way with unraid but I notice that my VM's do not see the overclock, also when I pull up HWiNFO in the VM only the Core 0 VID changes frequency (maxes out a 3.7), not sure if this is normal or if I have set something up wrong. I run a 2700x in a Crosshair VII motherboard and I pass all but 1 core and 1 HT to my VM. Another issue is I cannot get handbrake to run stable, it will run for a few hours then crash the entire s
  12. @mattz @SpaceInvaderOne I can confirm the new bios (3004) for the Crosshair VII with the agesa update is working with pass-through with a single GPU Thanks so much!
  13. @mattz thank you, it seems Asus just released that bios for my board on 12/27/19 (yesterday lol), I am a little iffy about updating since I have everything working now on this old bios from the start of 2019, but I am willing to give it a go if there has been a lot of success updating to the agesa My boards just released Bios:
  14. Love the ability to run multiple VM's all with nice specs ZFS for sure
  15. Reporting back from a working Win10 VM with a GPU successfully passed through :). Downgraded my crosshair vii bios to 1201 like @SpaceInvaderOne said and everything is working great!! Thanks so much for everything!!